What is AdToken?

AdToken (ADT)



The moment that people have been waiting for is here. Finally, the crypto world has another new Blockchain in its market, the AdToken. AdToken is a core utility of the AdChain protocol (ADT). The AdToken token is a multi-purpose token found and used on the Adchain platform. Moreover, the AdToken on the platform includes voting, depositing and challenging entry into the AdChain Registry.

What is AdChain?

AdChain is an open protocol. As a result, it allows for the creation of ad-centric and decentralized application on the public Ethereum for $175 billion digital advertising ecosystem. AdChain Registry is the first solution of AdChain, Adchain Registry is a smart contract. It helps in storing domain names accredited as non-fraudulent by ADT holder. DApps utilizing the protocol enables advertisers and publishers to run campaigns while maintaining user’s experience of legacy tools. The DApps drive adoption on the platform across thousands of technology providers, advertisers, and publishers in the digital advertising ecosystem.


Adchain promises to deliver more than just being a reputable publisher. As an open protocol, the platform wants to enable developers from around the globe to create dApps that facilitate ease of use and provide key functionalities. The dApps will lead the creation of a vibrant ecosystem enabling a suitable environment for publishers and advertisers to coordinate advertising campaigns via a suite of customizable dApps. Example of dApps that can be built on Adchain includes reputable score dApps, bot detection dApps, virtuous Ad blocker dApps, automated payment delivery dApps, DMP dApps among others.

The AdChain Reddit and slack channels have been receiving questions from people based on their white paper. The questions are mostly based on the AdToken they use, token sale and what the sale will fund. According to the AdChain, the sale that was recently launched will fund further product development. In addition also innovation to streamline the digital advertising supply chain that’s most of the time is riddled and transparency issues and fraud.

The Adtoken sale was available for purchase since June 2017. The token will be transferred to the purchaser’s address. Only a message sender is verified, others that are not message senders may not be specified. The AdToken sale contracts will check for Ether values in purchase messages only. No cryptocurrency or tokens should be sent to other platforms except Ether to AdToken sale contract address if you want to buy AdTokens.

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