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SwissBorg Review – Wealth Management Platform

Get up to worth €100 free bitcoin rewards by enrolling yourself in the wealth app


Positive aspects of the game
  • Easy to use
  • Best design and simple UI
  • Learning opportunity while gaming


    The disadvantages we highlight
    • KYC Required
    • Not available to US users

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      SwissBorg project was designed by the founders Cyrus Fazel and Anthony Lesoismer. Both of them raised $53 million to support the project and then launched it in the December 2017 cryptocurrency rally. 

      Although SwissBorg is headquartered in Switzerland its branches and team members are spread worldwide. It has team members from more than 20 countries as a volunteer of its multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural team. 

      What is Swissborg (CHSB)?

      SwissBorg is a secure blockchain-based wealth-management platform for investors who are interested in cryptocurrency investment. It is the first of its kind to simplify the overall process of cryptocurrency investment. SwissBorg makes it possible in many ways, which includes presenting a community-based ownership model and integrating with other major cryptocurrency exchanges.  

      Apart from its desktop version, SwissBorg also has 2 mobile apps named as community app and wealth app. Both are available for android and iOS devices that make access to the platform far easier. 

      Currently, it has 170,000+ active users and a weekly volume of $200M. Total revenue generated in the last 45 days is $45M and it has an AuM of $800M. 

      Its top achievement in early 2021 includes the creation of a large community, $53 million fund-raising, high-performing native token (CHSB), and increased use of gamified bitcoin app for prediction.

      SwissBorg wealth app:

      The wealth app of SwissBorg presents a very simple and intuitive design that is very easy to navigate and use even for a newbie.

      Following are some key features of a wealth app to support cryptocurrency investment.

      SwissBorg smart engine:

      The wealth app offers its users with best rates and liquidity in the crypto market via its smart engine. This smart engine analyses many trading pairs in seconds. Searching and connecting through HitBTC, LMAX, Kraken, and Binance exchanges for the better rates to either sell or buy in your desired currency whether local or crypto.

      Advisors and analytical tools:

      With the deep learning algorithm and hourly asset analysis through the wealth app, you can get a better insight into your portfolio performance. It gives real-time advice on how you can improve your performance and make you understand your weakness and cost. 

      The advisors predict the trend direction by using a deep learning algorithm and help the users to make better decisions while investing in crypto-related offers on the wealth app. 

      Advanced security:

      Security of the platform and protection of client’s assets are the top priority of SwissBorg. This feature led users to invest in multiple stages of:

      • Advanced security software
      • Platform stress testing 
      • MPC cryptography

      SwissBorg investment platform is a stable and strong app that is secure from bugs and hackers, assuring that your assets remain safe in the platform. 

      Transparent fee structure:

      The fee structure of SwissBorg is the most transparent among the crypto industry. The platform is focused on providing the best rates and no hidden charges. In this way, you can be sure about getting the best deals at all times.

      Accessibility to multiple crypto assets under one bundle:

      You can use the wealth app bundle to prevent the stress and guessing related to investing in the crypto market. The wealth app enables you to invest in a bundle of crypto assets to reduce risks and improve performance.

      These bundles are rebalanced automatically when funds go into high-performing assets to adjust the gains while remaining diversified.


      Swissborg earn

      Users can earn up to 26% p.a. in interest if they keep their funds in the Swissborg wallet. The daily interest is paid in cryptocurrency, which can be used to trade on the platform or withdrawn.

      Swissborg tutorial

      Smart engine

      The smart engine offers access to best execution and rates by integrating liquidity from numerous exchanges such as Kraken, HitBTC, LMAX, and Binance and with 15 local currencies to provide a safe and transparent investing/trading experience.


      • An excellent in-app wallet in terms of privacy
      • No private key and no point of failure
      • Provides live crypto analysis for making the best decision
      • All the coins are hand-picked·  Sleek & simple UI
      Swissborg CHSB


      The community members of SwissBorg can take participate and invest in the SwissBorg ecosystem with CHSB tokens that are issued to the members on the Ethereum blockchain. It has the following features:

      Governance rights:

      Gives access to participate in voting in their referendum for the future of SwissBorg.

      Protect and burn:

      You can get a benefit when a token supply decreases through protect and burn mechanism.


      You can earn rewards by contributing to the SwissBorg ecosystem through affiliate programs and DAO.

      Community index:

      It gives double-digit returns to toke holders for sustainable yield farming based on the evidence-of-merit scoring system with the SwissBorg ecosystem.

      Premium membership:

      • 0% commission on Gold, bitcoin, stable coins and CHSB
      • 50% discount on all the assets
      • Double return rates through smart yield.

      How to make an account at SwissBorg?

      To make an account at SwissBorg and gain access to all the features, you need to pass the KYC registration process.

      You are required to answer a few security questions and provide your identity documents. Below are the steps you need to follow for making an account:

      • Install the app of SwissBorg at the first step
      • Complete the account verification process by entering your phone number and email and provide your identity documents.
      • You are also required to input your nationality because the app is not available in all the countries as of now.

      Account types:

      There are two account types available: standard and premium. Both of the accounts have excellent features but a premium account is more convenient and beneficial for investors. To become a premium user, you need to follow the following steps:

      • Get the app and complete the account verification process
      • Purchase 50,000 CHSB token by using your desired currency (crypto or fiat)
      • Click on the premium tab and get your premium account activated

      With a premium account, you would have more benefits like 0% exchange fees on CHSB, stable coin, and BTC with 0.5% fee on other assets and no hidden fees. With a premium account, you can get a boost in your yield and double your daily earnings.

      Payment method:

      The payment method for SwissBorg is through direct bank transfer and the steps to funding the wealth app account are a bit different but are easy to follow.

      You are required to do the following:

      • Click the deposit button on the main screen of the wealth app.
      • Choose from the available fiat currencies and select the currency which is linked with your bank account.
      • Copy the details (bank code and IBAN) displayed on the screen of your wealth app account.
      • There are one or two tabs based on your location for SWIFT or SEPA (local) deposits.
      • Do the deposits and then wait for confirmation.

      It is important that you deposit with your bank account having the same name that you mentioned in the SwissBorg app. Third-party deposits will be rejected and funds will be refunded but you will have to pay the withdrawal fees.

      Supported currencies:

      SwissBorg provides the ability to make its fiat-crypto pairs to its users on its wealth app.

      For doing this, pick a fiat currency and merge it with your desired cryptocurrency. The app assists 14 fiat pairs, which include EUR, GBP, RON, CZK, ILS, HKD, PLN, CHF, USD, and DKK.

      Supported Cryptocurrencies

      It also supports dozens of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), USD Coin (USDC), PAX Gold (PAXG), Enjin (ENG), Dai (DAI), Ren (REN), Compound (COMP), Aave (AAVE), Kyber Network (KNC), Binance Coin (BNC), and SwissBorg (CHSB).


      The fee structure is as follows:

      Deposit fee:

      SwissBorg doesn’t charge any deposit fee on fiat assets, virtual currencies, CHSB tokens, and stable coins. However, you can be charged an additional fee during the operation of sending and using intermediary banks. 

      Transaction fees:

      Transaction fees will be charged according to your account type either standard or premium.

      Withdrawal fees:

      You will be charged 0.10% withdrawal fees on fiat assets, CHSB tokens, virtual currencies, and stable coins or BTC. Additional fees may be charged during the intermediary bank transfer or receiving process. 

      SwissBorg Bonus:

      You can get up to worth €100 free bitcoin rewards by enrolling yourself in the wealth app reward program.

      Once you open an account, with our SwissBorg referral link,  you need to deposit at least €50 (or equivalent in your currency) to qualify for the program.

      After depositing, you will get a reward ticket that you can scratch and reveal your prize.

      Community app:

      If you are a newbie and want to fund your SwissBorg account, you can use the community app to polish your skills.

      The community app enables the users to test their skills and predict the direction of trading assets and several cryptocurrencies that the platform supports and practice to win free bitcoins. 

      Swissborg alternatives

      • Flexible Staking
      • DeFi Mining
      • Up to 400% APY
      • Support over dozens cryptocurrencies
      • Multi-Staking
      • Up to 200% APY
      • Crypto lending
      • Support over dozens cryptocurrencies
      • Multi-Staking
      •  High interest
      • Crypto lending
      • Support over 100 cryptocurrencies
      • Compounding interest
      •  High annual interest
      • Flexible Savings
      • Staking
      • Support over 29 cryptocurrencies
      • Compounding interest
      •  Up to 18% annual interest
      crypto com
      • Support over 35 cryptocurrencies
      • Compounding interest
      •  Up to 16% annual interest
      • Support over 30 cryptocurrencies
      •  Up to 30% annual interest
      • Support 16 fiat currencies

      Final thoughts: 

      SwissBorg has been growing since its creation. Its wealth app is an excellent feature for its thriving and growing ecosystem. Investing with SwissBorg is the best decision you can make if you are serious about improving your investment game and managing your wealth in the crypto market. 


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