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Plinko, a captivating game of chance, has transitioned from a popular television show segment to a beloved online casino staple.

Players experience the thrill of dropping colored balls down a peg-filled board, anticipating where they will land and potentially earning significant payouts.

The game's simplicity, coupled with the possibility of substantial rewards, makes it an engaging choice for both new and seasoned gamers.

Over time, Plinko has evolved, gaining features that enhance player engagement.

Among these are “Auto Mode,” which allows for effortless and rapid gameplay, and “Risk Level” settings, which provide players with the ability to influence the game's volatility to their preference.

Furthermore, the assurance of “Provably Fair” gaming technology offers transparency and fairness, solidifying Plinko's position in the online gaming landscape.


  • Plinko Game Mechanics: Player engages with a betting interface, enhanced by atmospheric music.
  • Theme: Inspired by a television show, delivering an authentic game-show vibe.
  • Popularity: Attracts players with the thrill of chance and potential for winning.
  • Design: Players greeted by a aesthetic Plinko board upon starting the game.

Providers: Plinko is offered by notable entities such as BGaming and Spribe.

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In the world of crypto casinos, Plinko stands out as a fan favorite, hailing from its television origins to contemporary digital platforms.

Two leading providers, Spribe and BGaming, offer varying Return to Player (RTP) rates, ensuring options to suit diverse preferences.

The game retains its simplicity: players watch as a ball descends a pin-filled board, with the outcome — and their potential win — dictated by the final resting game of the ball.

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Huge Payouts

Plinko offers substantial returns with an RTP (Return to Player) of 99% from BGaming's version and 97% from Spribe's.

Players have a chance to win big, with payouts reaching up to a 1000x multiplier from BGaming, and 555x from Spribe.

The low-risk nature of the game allows for multiple features, catering to a wide array of players who are looking to win with minimal risk.

Theme and Graphics

The game's design is deceptively simple: a pyramid-shaped board filled with pegs and numbers at the bottom.

A hit since 1983, Plinko impresses with its high-quality visuals, providing an engaging experience akin to Japan's Pachinko.

BGaming's version presents players with a timeless US-style game format.

Each game signifies a potential win, though not always at a 1:1 payout, set against a stark blue background complemented by a standout fuchsia ball.

Bet Size

Plinko caters to all budgets, with bet sizes starting at the lowest denominations.

Some casinos even offer the possibility of winning up to $2,500,000, making it an excellent choice for players who prefer conservative betting or those who like to play with larger stakes.

Mobile Compatibility

Developed using HTML5 technology, Plinko ensures a seamless experience across Android, iOS, and Windows devices.

The game's mobile-friendly design supports both landscape and portrait viewing, making it accessible and easy to play on the go.

How to play the Plinko?


The Plinko game features a pyramid-shaped plinko board situated on the right side of the screen, surrounded by essential controls.

Players release a ball at the top, and as it descends, it bounces off pegs, changing direction and building suspense as to where it will land.

The goal is to watch the ball fall and land in a game that represents a win amount.

Colored Balls

Colored balls in the Plinko game signify different risk levels. Each color targets specific sections of the board:

  • Yellow balls: Moderate risk and rewards
  • Green balls: Lower risk, simpler wins
  • Red balls: Higher bet multiplier values, larger potential wins, and losses

Using these colored balls, the player can influence their gameplay strategy to align with their risk preference.

Placing bets

Betting in Plinko is versatile, with options to adjust the bet amount and complexity of the game:

  • Bet Amount: Adjust the bet using “-” and “+” or set to minimum or maximum limits directly.
  • Board Complexity: Increase from 8 to 16 rows to alter the prize at the bottom.
  • Risk Level: Modify by setting Risk to low, medium, or high, affecting payoff.

To place a bet, one selects the number of lines (12, 14, or 16) and chooses the bet mode—Auto for consecutive drops or manual to release the ball each time.

Each pocket at the bottom displays the payout ratio, and a multiplier over 1x is required to profit.

More pins can equal higher payoffs but also add difficulty in winning. The game rules are accessible via the “?” button for further clarity.


Auto Mode

With the Auto Mode feature in Plinko, players can set their game to run automatically without the need to interact after each drop.

This mode is akin to Auto Play in games but with distinctive characteristics unique to Plinko.

In BGaming's Plinko, you can specify a number of bets that range from ten to a thousand.

In contrast, the Spribe version allows selection of ball colors, influencing the volatility and potential return:

  • Red color signifies higher payout but also a higher risk, akin to a high-volatility game.
  • Auto mode continuous play can be halted at any time by pressing “Stop Auto Betting” or “Stop”.

Risk Level

Players have the option to adjust the Risk Level in Plinko, tailoring the game's volatility to their preferences:

  • BGaming's Plinko offers three risk categories: low, medium, and high. Each level modifies the game's payout potential correspondingly.
  • Spribe's Plinko uses color-coded balls to delineate risk levels:
    • Green for low risk with lower multipliers
    • Yellow for medium risk with moderate multipliers
    • Red for high risk with the highest multipliers

This mechanic fundamentally controls the expectancy of the game's outcome, offering players a measure of management over their preferred level of challenge.

Provably Fair game

Plinko stands out as a Provably Fair game, which ensures the transparency and fairness of each drop. This feature is pivotal in online gaming, providing a trust mechanism for players:

  • After each play, a provable fairness system supplies a unique hash.
  • This hash can be used by players to verify the outcome's randomness and fairness on the blockchain.
  • The Provably Fair technology reassures players that each result is impartial and not manipulated.

Mastering Plinko: Tips for winning with key game features

Understand the game mechanics

  • Grasp Plinko's rules, paytable, and special features.
  • Identify high-value symbols and conditions for triggering bonuses like free spins.

Effective Use of Free Spins

  • Aim to attain conditions that trigger free spins, boosting winning chances.

Strategic Auto Mode Use

  • Automate spins for consistency; however, monitor bankroll to avoid quick losses.
  • Set auto mode parameters like spin number or loss limit to manage funds.

Risk-Level Considerations

  • Choose between high-risk (bigger but rarer wins) or low-risk (smaller, more frequent wins).
  • Align risk level with your playing style and bankroll strategy.

Budgeting and Bankroll Management

  • Set a clear spending limit prior to gameplay.
  • Distribute your bankroll in smaller bets for increased playtime and win chances.
  • Adhere to your budget and avoid the temptation to overspend.

Prioritize High RTP Games

  • Opt for Plinko games with a high Return to Player (RTP) rate to better win odds over time.

Knowing When to Quit

  • Step away during losing streaks; understand that wins can't be guaranteed.
  • Treat Plinko as entertainment rather than an income source.

Maintain Discipline

  • Don't pursue losses or get overly absorbed by the game's excitement.
  • Keep firm to your set budget and play duration.

Top casinos to Play Plinko in 2024

We reviewed all of the online and crypto casinos and gathered all of the casinos that offer Plinko by BGaming or Plinko by Spribe with the best bonus offer for you. The following are the best casino sites where you can play Plinko with confidence:

Casinos Supported
Offers Welcome
Accept UK Players
  • Welcome bonus up to €750 +75 FS
Accept Canadian Players
  • 200 TFS Tokens for signup
  • 450% welcome pack up to 5 BTC
  • 140 Free Spins
Accept UK Players
Fight club casino
  • Welcome bonus up to 1 BTC +100 FS
  • Wednesday Free Spins
  • Weekend Reload Bonus up to 280 mBTC +120 FS
  • Wednesday free spins
Accept UK players
  • 100% Deposit bonus up to 50 MBTC
Accept US Players
Fight club casino
  • Up to $400 Welcome Bonus or 5 BTC +100 Free Spins bonus for new customers
Fight club casino
  • Esports & Sports Betting: Get 100% bonus up to €600!
  • Casino Games: Enjoy a 100% match up to €2,000!
bc.game (1)
  • Up to 180% deposit bonus for new customers
  • Free daily spin with rewards up to 5 BTC
  • Up to €500 or 5 BTC + 180 Free Spins Welcome bonus
  • Reload offers
  • 100% and up to a massive 5 BTC
  • 1 Bitcoin welcome bonus
  • 10% daily Cashback
  • Loyalty Program
  • Loyalty Program
  • Free Spins
  • Cash Reward

Final Words:

Plinko offers a refreshing alternative to traditional game. With its blend of simplicity and intrigue, it caters to diverse preferences, including those seeking fame in gaming circles.Players of any level, from casual bettors to high-rollers, find the adjustable risk factors and settings engaging, ensuring the game's wide appeal and sustaining interest.

Plinko FAQ

What is Plinko's RTP?

Players enjoy a Return to Player (RTP) ranging from 97% to 99%.

What are the maximum potential winnings in Plinko?

BGaming's version offers up to 1,000x the bet, while Spribe's version provides up to 555x.

How does Plinko compare to classic pricing games?

With its above-average RTP, Plinko stands out among casual games, reminiscent of “The Price is Right” gaming experiences.

What are the rules for playing Plinko?

Playing Plinko typically involves dropping a chip from the top of a pegged board. The chip bounces randomly off the pegs until it lands in one of the games at the bottom, each offering different point values or prizes. The primary objective is to aim for games with higher values. The player does not have control over the chip once it is dropped; therefore, luck plays a significant role in the outcome.

Is it possible to win real money by playing Plinko online?

Yes, it is possible to win real money by playing Plinko online. Several online casinos offer Plinko as a gambling game where players can bet and potentially win money based on where the Plinko chip lands.

How can you create your own DIY Plinko board?

Constructing a DIY Plinko board requires: A wooden board or sturdy foam core, small dowels or pegs, a back panel to support the board at an angle, numbered games at the bottom to score points, paint or markers to decorate. Refer to crafting websites for step-by-step instructions or videos demonstrating the process.

What variations of Plinko games are available for download?

Various Plinko game variations are available for download. These variations include different themes, bonus games, multipliers, and digital enhancements that influence the traditional gameplay or scoring methods. Gamers can find these variations on app stores and gaming platforms.

How is the Plinko game integrated into ‘The Price Is Right' show?

In ‘The Price Is Right,' Plinko is a popular game where contestants can win cash amounts by dropping chips down a board. Contestants earn chips by correctly pricing items and then drop them from the top of the board. As chips bounce down, the game they fall into determines the amount won.

Are there any strategies to increase winning chances in Plinko gambling?

While Plinko is largely based on chance, some players believe in strategies based on probabilities and positioning. For instance, selecting a specific point of release or employing statistical analysis might purportedly influence the outcome. However, there is no guaranteed method to ensure a win since the pegs create randomness.
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