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Stormgain review – Crypto Trading Platform

Get up to 20% Bonus


Positive aspects of the game
  • Competitive fees
  • Deposit bonus up to 20%
  • Bitcoin mining rewards
  • Loyalty clubs benefits
  • No KYC
  • Leverage up to x300


The disadvantages we highlight
  • Bitcoin mining rewards based on club status level

Founded in 2019, StormGain is a leverage trading and cryptocurrency exchange exchange with an intrinsic multi-currency wallet. It is registered with Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The broker is not regulated yet but has gained popularity since its launch with its services now reaching more than 120,000 clients and in over 100 countries. 

StormGain is recognized as NUFC (Newcastle United Football Club) sponsor during the season of 2019-2020. The company has also been featured in numerous online media publications. 

Currently Stormgain, is not accepting clients from Europe. You are more than welcome to check the below platforms that also accepts european customers

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What do they offer?

Currently, StormGain supports a variety of markets like crypto futures, crypto wallet, crypto trading signals, crypto spot, crypto mining, crypto index, and earn interest. The brokers aim to serve both institutional and individual traders. Its fee structure is also very affordable.

Cryptocurrency exchange:

Stromgain offers cryptocurrency exchange with the following benefits:

  • Low commission: You can save money from every exchange you make.
  • Easy registration:The registration process at StormGain is very easy.
  • Analyze the market: StormGain provides charts, depth of market analysis, and live trades.

Crypto futures trading: 

Futures are a kind of derivative contract that allows traders to contemplate the price movement of assets even if they have never physically traded any asset. A derivative contract is a contract that can be traded and depends on the price of an underlying asset. You can use ETH, XRP, BCH, BTC, and LTC with leverage of up to 300x. 

Cryptocurrency wallet:

StormGain has a built-in multi-currency wallet that provides an easy way to manage, secure, and exchange funds wherever and whenever you want. You just need to register and fund your wallet. The wallet is secured by numerous security measures such as 2-factor authentication and encryption to secure your funds. The crypto wallet secures 6 famous crypto asset:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • XRP
  • Ethereum
  • Tether USDT
  • Bitcoin cash

Buying  Crypto Using A Credit Card:

The broker offers the option to buy crypto using a credit card ( MasterCard or VISA) through collaborating with Simplex. A 5% fee applies for all the purchases. To purchase crypto with a credit card, follow these steps:

  • Sign in to your StormGain account
  • Click on the “buy crypto with card” on the menu
  • Choose a credit card as your payment option
  • Fill in the bitcoin amount you want to buy 
  • Confirm your order and click “deposit”

Cryptocurrency index:

The cryptocurrency index consists of groups of crypto coins. StormGain provides 3,5 and 10 crypto index currencies. The most popular are Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, and Bitcoin Cash among others. These indexes offer you an excellent way to diversify your portfolio without increasing risk exposure. This decreased volatility makes managing a group of cryptocurrencies more predictable as compared to individual assets. 

Crypto index 3.0:

It is a crypto index that contains 3 coins in its basket with the topmost market caps in the blockchain ecosystem: Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Ripple. Every coin is equally weighted in the index (33.3%).  The total value of these coins equals more than 70% of the whole cryptocurrency market.

Crypto index

The value of the index is calculated and updated in real-time. The baseline value of the index is 300. It is advised to use index-1 when there is a large volume of news affecting the development of the crypto industry as a whole.

Crypto index 5.0:

This crypto index contains 5 coins in its basket with the topmost market caps in the blockchain ecosystem: Ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and ripple. Every coin is weighted equally in the index (20%). The total value of these coins equals 75% of the whole cryptocurrency market.

Crypto index

The value of the index is calculated and updated in real-time. The baseline value of the index is 500.

The Crypto Index 10.0:

This crypto index contains 10 coins in its basket with the topmost market caps in the blockchain ecosystem: Ethereum, Dash, bitcoin, Eos, bitcoin SV, bitcoin cash, Cardano, Monero, litecoin, and ripple. The total value of these coins equals almost 80% of the whole cryptocurrency market. Every component is proportionally weighted to its volatility, and more volatile coins get high weighting in the index.

Crypto index

Index 10.0 is categorized by a high level of volatility as compared to other cryptocurrencies and it can move more than its component coins in a short time. The baseline value of the index is 500.

Crypto trading signals:

It is a ready-made trading solution for cryptocurrency. All you have to do is select your trade volume and leverage. These trading signals give recommendations for the direction of trade, entry price, stop loss and take profit parameters. This feature is available only on the mobile app. 

You just need to select “with signals” in the “trading” tab for trading with signals.  A list for which trading signals available will appear.

Earn Interest:

By trading with StormGain, you can earn up to 12% interest over your funds. For example: if you deposit between 100 to 50,000 USDT,  you will receive interest of 12% for the deposit held for 30 days. You just need to make an account and achieve a status of Gold or higher.

Stormgain Bitcoin mining: 

StormGain offers a bitcoin mining app to use for trading on the exchange. Reach a certain trading volume to earn free bitcoins daily and can also increase your mining speed. You can mine up to 0.0318 BTC per day.  Payout is being paid in USDT.

A trading bonus is an online currency that can be used to improve your trading profits and increase available funds.

Crypto bitcoin mining

Opening an account:

You can start trading at StormGain with basic information like name, mobile phone number, and email address. There is no need to complete the ID verification process and submit personal documents. 

If you make a deposit through a credit card or debit card you may require to go through KYC to confirm the transaction and credit/debit card payment method ownership.


Account types:

StormGain offers 5 types of account:

  • Standard:  If your account balance is less than 499 USDT and has no trading volume.
  • Gold: If your account balance is greater than 499 USDT and has a trading volume of more than 150,000 USDT.
  • Platinum: If your account balance is greater than 1,499 USDT and has a trading volume of more than 750,000 USDT.
  • Diamond: If your account balance is greater than 4,999 USDT and has a trading volume of more than 2,250,000 USDT.
  •  VIP: If your account balance is greater than 49,999 USDT and has a trading volume of more than 7,500,000 USDT.

Benefits include trading commission discounts and varying exchange commissions depending upon account type. VIP members can get individualized benefits.

Demo account:

You can use a risk-free demo account before creating a real account. It is pre-loaded with virtual cash of 50000 USDT.

Islamic Account:

StormGain offers Islamic accounts for people who avoid paying or receiving swaps due to their religious beliefs. No interest or swaps are charged on Islamic accounts, just an administration fee charged by the administration of related expenses for account management. 

Stormgain tutorial

Payment methods available:

StormGain accepts deposits via credit card and in the form of cryptocurrencies.


StormGain supports leverage of up to x300. You can adjust your leverage from the setting page. Maximum allowable leverage is higher for large positions.

Stormgain alternatives

Fees Available
Reviews Promotions Visit
1xtb review *Zero
  • Spread starting from 1%
  • None available at this time
2eToro (1) *Zero
  • Spread starting from 0.5%
  • None available at this time
3Skilling review *Zero
  • Spread starting from 0.5%
  • None available at this time
4Admiral Markets Review (2) (1) *Zero
  • Spread starting from 1%
  • Offers 100% bonus and Cashback.
  • *Not applicable for CySEC customers.
5Libertex Zero Spread
  • Commission from 0%
  • Offers 100% bonus and Cashback.
  • *Not applicable for CySEC customers.


StormGain was created just in 2019, so the company is not yet regulated. The broker is a part of the blockchain association, which regulates businesses that trade digital assets.


Pricing is transparent and competitive at StormGain. The broker charges a commission for trading crypto, instead of spreads. Commission charges on most BTC and USDT pairs range between 0.19% to 0.20%. Commission taken on exchange services is between 0.095% to 0.25%.

Trading fees: no trading commission is applied. Instead, 10% of the share is taken from profitable trades. You may be charged a daily swap fee of 0.01% for a leverage position if the position is left open. 

Debit/credit card deposit fees:

 StormGain makes a partnership with simplex to enable debit and credit card deposits. Simplex charges a flat 3.5% user fee for this service. In addition there is an exchange rate commission 1%-2.5% based on the currency the customer use to deposit.

Crypto withdrawal fees:

Crypto withdrawal fees are charged by fixed withdrawal units based on the cryptocurrencies you are withdrawing. You will be charged an additional 0.1% fee. The minimum withdrawal amount is none for DAI, USDC, USDT, and ETH.

SEPA transfer withdrawal commission:

SEPA transfer withdrawal commissions are only available for EU countries. The withdrawal commission for BTC and ETH is 0,1% and the currency exchange commission is 5%.


All accounts offer bonuses depending on the status level. The deposit bonus begins from 5% for the Gold account and goes up to 20% for the VIP 3 account. There is also an interest rate that ranges from 3% for Gold members and 12% for VIP 3 members.

Stormgain bonus

Crypto mining speed increases at every status level, it begins from x0.5 for the standard level and x530 speed for the VIP 3 level. 


 Although StormGain is a new platform and not yet regulated, it has reliable services and gained exposure in the crypto market. There is no trading hours restriction and it has excellent customer service.

It is a safe haven for all traders to carry out future exchanging, trading, and storing coins( multi-currency wallet). It is the go-to platform if you want to trade while earning,  learning, and mining cryptocurrencies. 

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