What is Synereo?

Synereo (AMP)

As the blockchain industry evolves, different platforms are coming up with software that is intending in helping small and medium enterprises raise funds. One such platform is the Synereo. In this article, it is going to discuss a summary of the Synereo project to help users better understand what it is and the current crowdfunding campaigns it is involved with.

Synereo (AMP) is a decentralized social media platform that rewards its users for their attention. It has tools that allow content creators to monetize their original works with having to turn to advertisements. Just create and generate attention using content and in the attention made worth money. The better the content, the more follower you will get and the more attention you create all adding up to cash.

Synereo applications enable you to tap and reap the fair shares of the attention you create online. Not only are user rewarded for generating attention, but they are also paid to direct the attention to relevant content that will be used to incentivize users to acts according to the content.

The Synereo blockchain balances the collective will and the individual will work with a combination of currencies that are attention based and use them to enforce individual will, an attention-based measure on the collective will (Reo) and the AMPs. AMPs token-based blockchain is for amplifying the reach of content to investors and users, whereas REO automatically manages the content according to reputation and behaviors of the user.

AMPs have an intrinsic value as their value derives from an inherent property and they a backed by the attention. AMPs serve as a way to enforce the flow of information. It increases the ability of the content to peers and its changes to be seen by as many users as possible. AMPing also allows the rewarding of users with AMPs measured in Reo.

Synereo’s blockchain was initially designed to support social network, but it has matured into a decentralized computation and storage platform. On this platform, users provide resources without the need for a centralized point of control or server farms. In partnership with RChain, Synereo was pitched as a decentralized social media platform to investors. The RChain projects consist of a new language for programming smart contract known as  Rohlang. Rchain can be divided into some chains. The division allows for greater scalability that doesn’t require users to maintain a duplicate record.

Project is no longer live

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