What is Solarcoin?

SolarCoin (SLR)


In recent years there has been a debate centered on decentralized energy trading. Since the P2P sale of power seems to be very promising, many projects have already been implemented to test the ability of the blockchain. Established in 2015, SolarCoin is one such project. SolarCoin is a foundation that is administered by world emeritus scientists. The purpose of the foundation is to promote PV solar energy production. SolarCoin aims at supporting an installed PBV solar capacity to 3,000 GW by the year 2050. Energy producers can redeem a SolarCoin for a MWh generated.

SolarCoin (SLR)

SolarCoin is a digital asset that can also be described as a digital currency used to reward solar energy producer. The asset is created as a means to reward global solar electricity generation. The technology is similar to that of bitcoin and is based on the blockchain. SolarCoin is given to Photovoltaic owners who generate solar electricity. The coin can be redeemed with participating affiliates and exchanged on online exchanges for other currencies. The process to use to gain SolarCoin is easy. First, the SolarCoin foundation and affiliate have to accept verification methods, the claimant is verified and claim delivered.

SolarCoin community

The SolarCoin community combines Solcrypto affiliate, SolarChange Affiliate, and EletriCChain projects

Solcrypto: Solcrypto is an affiliate program where catalogers automatically integrate with the SolarCoin Foundation. Solcrypto allows users to get solar coins in an easy and secure method.

SolarChange: the SolarChange is an affiliate platform that improves and increases the use of Solar Energy globally through the blockchain technology. SolarChange platform can be used by energy and utility companies, solar owners and everyone who wants to earn using the platform.

ElectroCChain projects: ElectroCChain help users integrate SolarCoin digital assets to their solar business with the use of an open-source blockchain technology. It also helps companies claim SolarCoins for producers.

Resources available on SolarCoin foundation

There are three resources available on the SolarCoin foundation under the SolarCoin presentation. The three resources include:

Graphics: users can choose the graphic of their choice from the available graphics and use them for promotional purposes like displaying in the press.

Claim calculation: claim calculation offer users a lifetime value of their SolarCoin claim. The claim calculation is a simplified formula that users can use to calculate their claim estimates. The estimate is a theoretical value so over 25 years of user’s claim based on the industry standard algorithms and nameplate capacity

SolarCoins also has networks of blockchain explorers, SolarCoin Charts and SolarCoin markets available for users.



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