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Airswap is a new decentralized exchange project. Focusing on security and privacy. The company aim is to provide user’s with a peer-to-peer trading platform globally. The trading platform has no trading fees and intermediaries. Airswap is a Hong Kong-based company.  They made headlines from partnering with other players in the cryptocurrency industry. Namely,  like Fortress hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz, who joined the AirSwap board of advisors. It is also a joint venture with Consensus, who apparently are the leading developers behind Ethereum.

Why should you consider Airswap?

Firstly, being a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. Airswap emphasis on privacy, fairness, transparency, and security as its main features. What do the features stand for?


The blockchain technology is developed as an online P2P value transfer technology. Moreover, Airswap harnesses the same power of the blockchain. Such as a friction-free network, globally accessible, supporting private and a secure exchange between peers.


Abuses are very common in centralized exchanges. For example, front-running, and attacks. Airswap puts users in control of their assets because they do not entrust third parties to hold cryptographic assets. Entrusting third parties to hold cryptography has its significant risk and Airswap has solved this problem.


Airswap is based on the swap protocol and a P2P protocol for Ethereum token trading. Some of the existing exchanges designs suffer race conditions and front-running, but Airswap is built with fairness in mind. It sidesteps race conditions and front-running issues.

By using the swap protocol, swap aims to provide a strong alternative to traditional cryptocurrency exchanges. The protocol features include on-chain and off-chain settlements. The platform also uses a smart contract to fill orders on the Ethereum blockchain.

Airswap token

The Airswap token is the utility token on the Airswap network and the swap protocol.

Airswap team

Equally important, the founders of AirSwap are Don Mosites and Michael Oved. Best of all, Oved is a veteran trader and a graduate of Carnegie Mellon. While Don Mosites is a serial entrepreneur, full stack engineer, and a product designer. The company has on board Michael Novogratz as the advisor. Others include Joseph Lubin, Brock Pierce, George Mueller. As well, as others who have years of experiences in trading and cryptocurrency industry.

The Airswap allows traders to complete all transactions in a secure and fair platform. With the benefits of cryptocurrencies exchange. Users can access a large market at fair prices. They had a successful ICO. Which means Airswap is becoming one of the best network available.

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