What is Aeron?




The blockchain technology has introduced decentralization of data and complete data transparency revolutionizing the world of data. However, you can use the blockchain technology for other purposes and not just for data transparency. You can use the blockchain technology for air travel securities to. Aeron is a cryptocurrency platform that strives to achieve and help people use blockchain technology for air travel security. With over two million daily passengers and thousands of gigabytes of air travel data to store, the aviation industry has the biggest databases on the planet. Aeron gives people a better way to store and secure such data by using the blockchain technology.

What is Aeron?

Aeron is a blockchain based platform that offers users a transparent and efficient method to store crew data and passenger data at the same time offering a blockchain application for effective flight and aircraft management. The data stored is transparent to all network systems on the blockchain which is this case are management officials and aircraft authorities. Aeron can resolve many problems faced by the aircraft industry with its new and unique outlook to the aviation database.

Features found on the Aeron platform

Aeron plans to make thing simpler for aviation companies, pilots and customers by offering a secure way to store data and by simplifying the current management situation.  The features include:

Pilot application

The platform has an application that pilots can use to validate their flight experience and career progress. The pilot application keeps track of the flight time and allows management authorities to keep track of the pilot’s profiles. The application also allows the company employees to manage employee data and other information such as flight maintenance, costs, and refueling remotely. This makes the aircraft management and maintenance simpler and to a great extent.

The passenger application

The passenger application involves features such as viewing the company profiles and also the pilot profile and choosing the best for you. Customers are assured of their flight experience, the experience of the pilot and what kind of an aircraft they are going to use, what features there aircraft has and they can also upgrade their booking to a better flight.

There are no international standards for aircraft management and control. Each country has a different set of rules and logs for administration. The company plans on creating and incorruptible blockchain database for all aircraft authorities and company flight control. The database will be transparent to allow parties. By introducing mobile application to aircraft records and log pilot, Aeron wants to simplify aircraft maintenance and management.

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