What is Xplay?

XPlay (XPA)

The entertainment industry is ever growing. The growth is attributed to the rising purchasing power, increasing adoption and technological innovation of digital content. The total revenue of the entertainment industry has risen massively. XPlay is one technology that has played a role in the entertainment industry growth. It is a blockchain-led ecosystem. It is an A.I.-(Artificial Intelligence) driven global extreme entertainment platform for content producers, advertisers, merchants and other trades in the entertainment industry.

The XPlay has built a tokenized entertainment economy, particularly for gaming area and adult content. XPlay generates the digital content information from the original material. Users can choose what they want to do or what they are interested in, at the same time ensuring they are not manipulated by the algorithms. All algorithms are transparent and open source. Unlike traditional sites. XPlay is a user-content oriented ecosystem for recommending, trading and releasing of global extreme adult entertainment. It provides a B2C entertainment platform and C2C platform with user participation in numerous scenes and segments.

XPlay features

XPlay ecosystem has features that help it capture the growing entertainment market. They have high-quality and cutting-edge features that include:

The best content

XPlay has teamed up the content producers from Japan, Taiwan, Korea and the US in a bid to create high-quality content for users. The platform produces exceptional content that is beyond anyone’s imagination.

Artificial intelligence

The number of A.I. Technologies used in the XPlay platform help in the creation of different products to enhance users’ experience. The technologies include translation and face recognition


XPlay is a blockchain-led ecosystem. Meaning participants have the opportunity to enjoy the success of various products and services on the platform. The ecosystem embeds an incentive mechanism to motivate users on the platform.

Management team

The management tan behind the development and success of the XPlay has rich experience in media operations and tech. The experts on the ecosystem can produce quality products in the ecosystem. The team comprises of Chen Zhouren, chief executive officer, Zhang Xinwen, Chief operating officer, Hou Zhaoji, marketing Director, Jackson Kou, director of R&D and other researchers and consultants.

XPA token and its characteristic

XPlay uses the XPA token for exchanges in the platform and on Bitcoin. The XPA token has the best characteristic. The token is versatile and can be applied to different applications on the ecosystem. The XPA token can be used on XPlay streaming media platform, to obtain copyright and to reward content t producers, it can also be used trading activities on cooperative platforms and ecological platform.

Project is no longer live

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