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Wespr is a new Ethereum based platform that aims at easing the cooperation between various actors involved in the making and conception and artwork. The platform is designing a new infrastructure to write read and publish songs, movies, books, videos games etc. The main focus of Wespr is artwork. There is a simple idea behind Wespr, each book works as a DAO. The mechanism offers translators, authors, correctors, editor, reader, and illustrators the ability to work together and split authorship and benefits.

How does Wespr work?

It works in three different stages. There is Wespr for readers, authors, and editors.

For readers

Readers can access a huge bookstore and buy books at low prices by fairly remunerating authors without resorting to intermediaries. Readers can buy and read books, customized surfing, and remuneration of their activities, get rewards on investments, and create financial supports from editors and authors among other things.

For authors

Authors can use Wespr to publish and protect their works for free, sell and address their work to investors, find and interact with readers, develop their work on Wespr, and produce their books in hard version. They can also find the appropriate editor for their written work.

Wespr for editors

Editors using the platform can stimulate public attention and financial support. They can accelerate their reception of a book by stimulating the attention of the crowd and indicating their interest. With the supporting wallets, editors can have the financial support provides by readers.

Wespr Timeline

The project was founded in 2016 by a bunch of writers, blockchain techs, and philosophers. The first prototype was developed in 2017 and used to test various technology stacks. In spring 2017, the team started meeting authors, editors and collection feedback at the same time discussing partnerships. Summer 2017, the platform went public and they are planning to launch their ICO in 2018, which will be followed by additional features such as the Wespr alpha. In 2019 the company plans to spread the whisper by improving the project and start carrying the project protocol to other kinds of arts like movies, games, and music.

Wespr will also recognize the work of the reader who remunerates their contributions. The main of Wespr is to create a better environment for literature lovers. An environment that will empower all the actors of the literary world with new tools and allow them to insert their activity into the literary work and its existence.

The project is no longer live

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