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ViMarket (VIT)



The number of cryptocurrencies these days are increasing and the number keeps growing. There are many options that are easy to be overwhelmed and you might not be able to choose. However, one cryptocurrency platform that has graced the industry is the ViMarket. Vimarket is a British company founded in 2015. The ViMarket (VIT) specializes in services like 3-D content creation, virtual and augmented reality and machine and, artificial intelligence. The goal of ViMarket is to offer solutions to markets that not yet invested in VR and 3-D in their sales. It enables people to LIVE virtually and save in reality

How does Vimarket work?

VIT provides clients and companies a new way to create 3-D content in a fast and easy way. Using the Vimarket repository the company wants to help users to render 3-D environments and to monetize their creations. Users can create and share 3-D virtual reality experiences. Already, the company is focused on interior design and real state space but focuses on other niches in the future. Other niches that the company wants to engage in include fashion, automotive and other e-commerce enterprises.

How will the VIT disrupt the retail market?

The formation of ViMarket states that ViMarket is the result of the exploration of high technological advancement in the 3-D content creation, AI, augmented reality and machine learning. The ViMarket visualize mankind’s purchasing decisions and aspiration by transforming the traditional 2D retail browsing experience. The company now focuses on their world’s consumer retail aspirations, exposure to merchant sponsors and maximize engagement.


ViMarket ICO commenced on 1st December and will learn till January 6, 2018. As soon as the pre-ICO is over, the main sale will begin. The main sale will state from January 7 to January 31. A total of 250 million VIT will be available for the main ICO. The price of the sales starts at 0.35 USD from 1 VIT token. The price will steadily increase to 0.65 USD per token during the pre-ICO. Finally, during the main sale till will rise to 0.70 to 0.90 USD per VIT token.

Who is behind the ViMarket Company?

The ViMarket team includes experts and advisors. The team has people from various countries in the world and a mix of international mix of the blockchain, financial experts, and marketing. Some of the team members include David Drake, founder of the LDJ Capital Inc., Will fang, Advisor and Joe Daniels among other members of the team. ViMarket is a solid investment platform.

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