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Ties.Network is a cryptocurrency network that works as an irrefutable rating system to guide users towards a proven expert. The platform helps users to:

Find best-rated crypto-experts: the platform rates experts guaranteed by real business deals. You can find potential partners who have an irrefutable rating on the platform.

Instantly strike secure business deals: anyone using the platform can enter deals using the smart contracts and negotiate the conditions and pay in cryptocurrencies directly on the platform

Attract professionals and investor to your project: since the platform brings together reputable professional and promising business projects. Developers, industry experts, advisors, and marketers can hire, be hired, recruits volunteers or finance projects using the platform.

Ties.Network features

Some of the features that make tie the platform that it today includes:

Irrefutable Rating system

The rating system if Ties.Network is free of fake endorsements. Each user has a proven track record that is based on their work history, one and previous.

Quick crypto transaction

For those looking for a cryptocurrency platform that offers quick transactions, Ties.Network does exactly that. Users can create projects and select the team they want to or on the projects from all around the world. The project wallets allow contractors to be paid in monthly payments or for one-off tasks using the TIE tokens, ETH and other Ethereum based tokens. The transactions are fast.

Decentralized Roles

Ties.Network uses super-moderators, independent moderators and judges. These experts help in regulating the blockchain ledger and supervise its dealings. They use the contract terms to settle disputes when necessary.


Ties.Network uses escrows for secure transactions. Transactions are temporarily sent to the intermediate trusted wallet and once the deal is confirmed by both parties, only them is the transaction completed.


The user of the platform doesn't have to worry about their privacy and information being shared by unauthorized people. They have an option of choosing whether they want to share their identity or stay anonymous.

Ties.Network team

The Ties.Network was founded and CEO Alexander Neymark. Neymark has significant experience in developing and launching innovative financial services in telecommunications and banks. The network was also co-founded by Dmitry Kochin and Natalia Tokar. Kochin is also the CTO of the platform and Tokar the Business Development Partner. Kochin has strong experience in IT whereas Tokar is an expert in international sales and cross-cultural negotiations. The team also includes a group of developers, managers and advisors who have years of experience in the blockchain technology field and IT.



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