What is Sparc?

Sparc- Distributed Supercomputer 

The demand for highly parallelizable problems and machine learning is continuing to grow. Computation is taking over as a global utility. Sparc or Systems Science power and research Coin is a web-based protocol for computational resources. Anyone can connect their devices with the internet browser to earn token and crunch numbers. Sparc is powered by individuals who have idle computer power reducing cost and earning rewards. Sparc token is at the center of the platform and can be exchanged for other resources.


Sparc believes that all currencies need to be banked by computer power. Here are some of the core features on the Sparc platform application


Being a web-based platform. Sparc gets your online faster. You can connect any devices to the internet using the Sparc platform.


The token is the token upon which the Sparc network runs. Projects can buy the Sparc tokens form an exchange and attach them to any work they have on the platform. Miners also have to compete for available tokens each week for their projects.  At the end of the week, all tokens are divided among miners. The tokens can be traded on an exchange or exchanged for computing power from the networks.

Meanwhile, everyone who needs to process power can purchase the token and use it to purchase processing power. The tokens and ERC-20 tokens that are built on the Ethereum network. To make sure the Sparc token is issued to the public. They plan a presale and crowd sale. You can get the information about the presale and crowd sale on their platform and their whitepaper. They have a place where you can sign-up for distributed information regarding the two. After signing up, the networks only sends the most important info and nothing more.

Sparc team

The Sparc team is what seta the network apart from other networks. The team has been working together for many years, this means they know each other capabilities and strength which is beneficial for the network. All team members are comfortable with each other since they know each other skills, development speeds, and assets. The team comprises of researchers and crypto enthusiasts. Under the researchers, the network has assembled an experienced group of marketers, commercializes and researcher who help with marketing. The CEO of the network is Douglas Stewart. Besides being the CEO, Douglas is the founder of the Sparc. He is a serial entrepreneur and a team builder.

Project is no longer live

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