What is Planes Cloud?

Planes Cloud 


Blockchain technologies and Cloud are evolving and becoming more inventive. Right now the progress and pace of a person are followed and stored in a private cloud. Planes Cloud is a simple cloud data that uses the capacity of the blockchain technology to provide a secure marketplace for cloud data to everyone. The planes Cloud functions when a customary distance cloud table, refresh and remove cloud data withholding access covertly among you and their person accredited by you. It is a network that is intended for analytical data and not records.


Planes Cloud has features that make it a user-friendly platform that everyone can find it beneficial and easy to use. The feature found on the network includes:

  • Identify protected: identity protection is the goal of the Planes Cloud. The Planes Cloud network allows users a secure and anonymous cloud data storage.
  • New cloud technologies: Planes Cloud has an innovative Cloud data storage system that allows the use of space in the network according to the number of tokens you have.
  • Secure: this is the most beneficial and the most important feature of the platform. No data is lost and can be accessed by UN unauthorized person. No data can be falsified or hijacked thanks to the blockchain technology.

Planes Cloud tokens

Planes Cloud (PST) is intended to perform transaction and contributions on the platform. It is marketable. The PST token is a token which demands a secluding depot price impermanence control. The token is an ERC23 token rendered on the Ethereum blockchain. The distributions of the token are restricted and cannot be altered with other tokens. PST can be accessed for all exchange procedures and is intended to perform Planes Cloud web liquidity.

Token sale

PST tokens are made available on the Ethernet blockchain during crowdfunding periods. The creation of tokens takes place using Ethernet smart contracts investors. Creating PST tokens for a defined exchange rate. ICO participants can send ETH to crowd sale address after the crowdfunding period starts.

Planes Cloud network is managed and maintained by a group of experts who have experience in the blockchain industry. Randolph Foston is the CEO of the network, Gabriel Engman the Product Development Lead, Eduard Teed, Technical Lead and other experts with different experiences in the cryptocurrency industry. The aim of Planes Cloud is to allow everybody and anybody to store cloud data in a decentralized, encrypted cloud database.

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