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Peerplays (PPY) is the world’s first eSports tournament and wagering platform built entirely on the blockchain. Unlike, traditional online gaming websites there is no house in Peerplays instead everyone who uses the network is matched against real players from all around the world, which means that players never have to worry about a lack of transparency or shadowy elements that could create odds in favor of the house.


How Peerplays works?


Players will be able to earn huge rewards by creating their buying games, organizing and hosting multiplayer eSports tournaments and competing head-to-head against their peers. The choice is ready to play games, but are never limited by a central planning authority. If a player does not see a tournament available for their favorite game, they are allowed to organize one.

Peerplays video explanation

Peerplays is built on graphene, which is the same high-performance blockchain technology used by various decentralized business platforms present in the crypto world. Graphene-based technology platforms have the speed and the throughput capacity to handle millions of players simultaneously and give every stakeholder the ability to vote on issues involving the maintenance, growth, and governance of the network.


Peerplays also provide a free market trading platform for digital asset tokens, in-game merchandise, and the players with unique rewards token called Powerup. Peerplays will support integration with the most popular online casino and eSports games including live-action titles such as League of Legends, Counter Strike, Dota 2, and Starcraft as well as fully functional games like Poker and other casino card games. In fact, any game in the world hosted by a third party can be integrated into Peerplays.


All Peerplays games, transactions, and interactions between players are securely arbitrated by a smart contract (set of rules that every party involved should follow) that escrow users funds and then release them after specific conditions within the games are met and verified.



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