What is Open Platform?

Open Platform



Blockchain technologies have proven their potential to provide app developers with benefits related to implementation and design. However, with all the potential there still exist tangible technical limitations that need to address. These limitations are keeping decentralized solutions for accessing and integrating properly with the blockchain technology. To solve the situation, Open Platform interfaces with the blockchain. This new platform created a new “decentralized payment verification gateway”.  The platform is the first blockchain infrastructure for the application.

How does the OPEN technologies work?

The OPEN platform provides application rails that connect all on-chain payments and complimenting proof-of-goods into applications’ backend. It acts like a developer wallet where all applications require an accompanying API to allow a developer to use the platform to port their own applications to the blockchain.

What solution deals the platform offer?

Payment Infrastructure: The main issues in payment infrastructure are filling the gap of payment infrastructure application required in order for applications to communicate with their application backend. Open Platform fills the gap and offers other solutions.

Solving on-chain payments: an open platform, users get all in one. They can accept, transfer, verify, and authorize goods for application and use on and off blockchain with minimum knowledge about the blockchain.

Open Platform features


the Platform provides missing component applications needed for cryptocurrency acceptance and the associated payment data.


Deploy application scheme on blockchain and incorporating them into any payment scheme.


the platform supports gaming, SaaS, enterprise and even cryptokitties-esque applications.

The Limits:

you can operate the limits of a cryptocurrency wallet.

The developer wallet

OPEN simplifies the complexities of the blockchain for anyone looking to integrate them with their appliances. The work of the developer wallet if to:

  • Bridge the gap between database and blockchain and create a place for sophisticated application
  • Enable developers the power to develop apps in any language using the OPEN API.
  • Reduce the amount of blockchain/solidity knowledge required

Why choose OPEN?

Deployment: Open offer a payment module that is compatible with other major financial schemes in the blockchain today.

Real-world usability:

the platform bridges the existing gap between real world and crypto technology payment solutions.


open is compatible with Enterprise and SaaS system among others.

Open token:

the token activates scaffolds to allow developers to accept payment


Ken Sangha the CEO of the platform. He is helped by CTO, Andrew Leung, blockchain lead, Abhishek Punia, Lead Architect Chase Smith and director of strategy, Roger Jin among others.

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