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MOINCOIN is a digital money that is led by a team of crypto enthusiasts who approach the challenges standing in the way decentralized technologies are adopted. MOINCOIN team has a passion for design and technology which they are using to rework, refine, and improve the existing solutions whilst by experimenting new ways using MOIN. The MOIN team includes a Graphic Designer, Community Manager, Lead Designer, and Developer. CRZ is the lead Designer, ACLLHT, graphic Designer, Jookly Community manager and Kingcaper the Developer. The names are not their real names, but the usernames they use on the platform.


These are the features that make MOIN a better digital coin than other digital coins.


Shadowsend is a feature that allows users to send money privately using the MOIN platform. MOIN sees privacy as a right and not a privilege. The shadowsend system ensures that you are protected when it comes to digital many and sending and receiving money.

HD Wallets

HD Wallet makes it easier to secure and protect your money. All users need to use to protect their money is a simple 24-word mnemonic phrase in event of system failure. With the phrase, your entire wallet is secure and can be regenerated and access to restore your MOIN wallet in case the system fails.

Proof of Stake

The POS means you can leave your wallet running, which contributes to the network security. Users get rewarded for doing this. You may no longer get any interest by letting your money sit in the bank, but you can by letting your MOIN coin sit in your MOIN Wallet.

HTML5 client

The software managing the MOIN COIN is up to the modern standard’s needs, the platform has a cutting-edge, responsive HTML5 wallet, which means it combines ease-of-use with modern design to offer users the best digital money and digital wallet available.

Encrypted chat

Users can interact freely without fearing for their safety. They can talk one-to-one or in groups in a safe manner. With encrypted chat, it means the system if safe from eavesdroppers and the protocol ensures the security of users.


MOIN digital money can be exchanged on various platforms, including LIVECOIN.NET, CRYPTOPIA. COINEXCHANGE.IO, NOVAEXCHANGE, and C-CEX together with BITSQUARE.IO.


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