What is MintCoin?

MintCoin (MINT)


MintCoin (MINT) is a form of digital cryptocurrency. Which allows its users to store, send, and receive assets anytime and anywhere. It is secure and energy efficient. MINT is a proof of stake coin. Which means that it uses an algorithm that rewards the participants who are helping in creating new blocks.

MINT promotes fair power distribution, making it an Eco-friendly coin. Before its launch, everyone got a chance to grab MintCoin initially, not just a limited number of people. It is also investor-friendly, holding coins generates interest giving its users more value for their investment.

How MINT works?

According to MINT developers, after the mining period, MINT will no longer require mining.Which leads to saving a lot of energy and electricity. In addition, Mintcoin is a combination of two well-known crypto coin algorithms. Namely: the proof of work and proof of stake algorithms. Proof of work primarily uses mining to secure the network and generate coins. Proof of stake uses minting to ensure the system produce coins as interest.

Mintcoin video explanation

There are many ways for users to get MINT. It can either by staking. In other words,  using users’ computers to validate transaction. Alternatively, by airdrop from community or exchanges. It ensures fast and fair distribution. MINT is investor-friendly as aforementioned before. The platform states that investors can gain 25% for their 1st year of investing.

Holding Mintcoins in your wallet will generate more coins with an interest rate. According to its developers, the more shops and services use Mintcoin, the higher the currency’s value would be. The platform allows its users to make money. Where ever they are as long they have their Android devices with them. Mintcoins can be earned by watching ads. As well as visiting web pages, and completing short surveys. The money can be easily deposited and transferred to the user’s PayPal account within 24 hours.

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