What is Experty?

Experty (EXY)



Now, ever than before business world is changing rapidly. One by one, major industries are getting urbanized by P2P and the blockchain technology business ideas. Next in the process is the way experts share information. The industry of experts in changing with the inclusion of Experty. Experty is a fully decentralized app where experts can share their links wherever they want, they can share things like their LinkedIn profiles, discussion boards, YouTube, and Twitter. The platform clearly states that it’s not a marketplace where people can search for specialist, rather a platform for experts to share information and links.

Problems that Experty hopes to solve

Since most platforms use the centralized marketplace, Experty hopes to solve the problems by offering users a free decentralized platform to share their Expert contacts. This approach omits two major problems for experts. It omits problems such as:

  • Lack of potential customers, because of the number of users in existing services
  • The identity of the experts. The identity is verified using third-party services.

Who can use Experty?

Blockchain YouTubers: popular YouTubers can use Experty to schedule consultations with people who want direct attention. They can integrate their platform and create an additional income stream by charging for private calls.

Blockchain Influencers: influential individuals can set trends, sway masses and bring attention to promising blockchain projects.

Developers: a developer with skills are hard to find. There are multiple projects that engage in. Experty allows these developers to easily get involved with each other and find new projects and get paid.

Advisors: if you need a short consultation with an advisor, Experty offer you that chance by allowing advisors to use the platform and create an income stream.

Paid premium support: if it had to handle high volumes of support request when dealing with exchanges.  Instead of waiting, you can skip the line and pay premium support to get what you need.

Experty features

  • Instant answers: Experty allows people to instant answers by allowing them to calls with very little setup. You can get answers from a qualified expert at short notice.
  • Instant access: Experty aims to solve the lack of incentives to share phone numbers with strangers. Through the platform, any professional, expert and influencer can grant instant access to their knowledge.
  • Instant payment: Experts can get paid instantly after offering services and information using Experty.

Experty team

Experty Team comprises of Josh Olszewicz, blockchain community influencer and Szczepan Bentyn, a popular polish community YouTuber among others.

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