What is Digibyte?

Digibyte (DGB)


Digibyte (DGB) is open-source, free to use, and anyone can get involved with it. It is a safe way to pay for stuff and get paid faster by people around the world. DGB has a strong security, which makes it five times more secure than other cryptocurrencies. It incorporates the same technology that’s used to secure nuclear launch codes- these codes are used to launch nuclear strikes. According to DGB developers, digibyte transactions will be 40% faster compared to Bitcoin. It is currently dealing with the top games of the world and plans to become a part of Minecraft according to Digibyte latest news.

It is a new form of currency similar to dollars, euros, pesos, yen and other currencies. Its developers have claimed that it works on a very cutting-edge of digital technology and with no central authority. It makes way to cheaper and faster means of transactions. Traditionally, banking transactions can take to 3-5 days on average to complete plus the high fees senders have to pay. With DGB, there are no bank and people to pay, just direct peer-to-peer payment.

Digibyte video explanation

How DGB works?

DGB can be sent and received anywhere in the world with an internet connection in a matter of seconds. It is sent directly to person to person, without having to go through banks and middleman. DGB verifies that every transaction is legit. Thus it takes computing power. You can exchange the computing power you have for newly made digibyte as you help process transactions.

It contributes to speed up and link merchants and consumers across the globe. DGB can be sent over social media helping to connect business models with up and coming young consumers like gamers. In accordance to the latest forums, DGB is incorporating with great games like Counter-strike and Minecraft, which DGB members see the potential for the gaming industry and the new-found speed of digibyte.

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