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CarTaxi Token (CTX)




Tow trucks are on demand. Calling one is a common thing on the roads. But, have you ever thought of the automobile car towing market to which many car towing companies or urbanization are yet to reach? There is a towing project on board that has reached the global market, the CarTaxi car project.

CarTaxi platform, what is it?

The CarTaxi platform is an Ethereum based platform. It is the first of its kind platform with an automated car towing services. What the platform does, is that it brings all tow trucks under one umbrella. The reason why the platform brings all the tow trucks together under one online network is to provide fast and safe towing services for the transportation of vehicles from anywhere, anytime. To access the services, you only need to download the app to your phone. The CarTaxi project was launched in more than 20 cities and it has known gained popularity in many others cities worldwide.

For crypto-investors, the platform offers them a chance to be token holders of an up and running project that is set for an explosive increase in market share. Because the project unites all tow trucks on an IT platform, it gives car owners and drivers access to easy and quick tow truck services from any point in the world. The project is comparable to Uber, but it focuses on towing services.  The project minimizes the waiting time for a tow truck and also reduces the logistic expenses of car towing companies.

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How do the CarTaxi works?

The CarTaxi project works in the best, fast and easiest way possible. First, to use the services, you need to download the application on your smartphone. Enter the information about your location or the car location. Choose your payment method whether it cash or using a card. The system will them appoint a suitable tow truck or the one that is near to you and you will have your car towed. All the payment are after the car is safely delivered to your destination.

The CarTaxi works to solve the problems in the chaotic towing industry. Everywhere, the project is based on dispatching methods that rely on small to average cluster and human factors. Although the services are found globally, they are yet to be automated globally the way Uber has done with taxi. You have to look for dispatcher phone number or a local operator in your city.



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