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The AI technology is affecting everything in human lives, including the blockchain technology. Companies are going to a greater height to create better AI technology. However, the most important part include acquiring cheap and quality data. The AI also helps in data collection and some platform has taken advantage of the situation. Bottos is a decentralized network that uses AI in data collection and data sharing on the blockchain technology. The network is also a one-stop consensus-based platform that aims at implementing the distribution, registration, and transformation of data among participants within the AI ecosystem.  

Bottos network products 

Global AI model sharing network 

Bottos plans to build an AI model sharing network that will facilitate for an effective management of the development cycle. The sharing network will be called the ModelMarket. Through the ModelMarket, the network will be able to accelerate development of AI models with, passive data feeds. 

Global Data sharing network 

The network is also planning to build an efficient data sharing network known As DataMarket. The market will have a proprietary mechanism. Bottos plans to provide massive, high-quality data with an economic incentive. Users can retain clear ownership of data quality with immutability and tractability features. 

Global AI IP database and pricing 

Bottos wants to implement a global IP database for models and AI data through a registration process. This way they can also establish the pricing mechanism for asset transaction. 

Global hardware sharing network 

Another thing that Bottos wants to implement is the hardware sharing network. Using the Bottos chain for AI products, Bottos will ensure effective communication and proper use among IoTs. 

Features of Bottos 

  • Strong compatibility: the network provides balance account system, multiple AI models APIs and External VM< support for users from all over the world. 
  • AI Focused: Bottos has an evolved AI ecosystem, high-quality massive data acquisition and AI development cycle management. 
  • Unique design: users of the network will get to enjoy data contracts, ModelMarket and Data mining all under one roof. 
  • Convenience: nothing attracts consumers like convenience. Bottos provide Supporting WEB, Supporting mobile APP, and Multiple consumption points.  

BTO ICO details 

Bottos held there ICO on January 1 and all the token were sold out in under 24 hours.  


The team members on the network are led by Tingting Wang, the co-founder of the BTO project and a serial entrepreneur, Xin Song, co-founder and CEO, Chao Wang, Co-founder, and CTO. The team also includes a group of advisers. 

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