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Bitpay allows you to store, spend, and accept Bitcoin securely. They also issue an electronic card called the BitPay Card, which you can quickly turn Bitcoin into dollars. This project helps you accept Bitcoin as a payment and cash out them in dollars. According to its developers, entrepreneurs and regular users can highly make use of their platform. It builds a bridge for all Bitcoin users to feel more connected with one another.

How to order Bitpay video explanation

How does it work?

As its name suggests, you can store your Bitcoin inside their platform and convert it into USD and spend it anywhere you wish. If you want to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment for your business, then it can be done through BitPay. You can also make use of its retail, billing, e-commerce, and donation tools in accepting payments from customers anywhere situated in the world.

The Bitpay platform also supports direct deposits to your bank account from the customers that have paid you. You can choose your currency, and you’re going to receive the money with no potential price volatility and risk. They have also created an open source wallet, which can easily be used for users to manage their Bitcoin finances using a single app, which is secure. The app is available for mobiles and desktop platforms.

BitPay Card

The electronic card allows Bitpay users to complete instant withdrawals from VISA; it is compatible with most ATMs. It turns the user’s Bitcoin into dollars (USD) instantly, so they can spend it in stores that do not accept Bitcoin payments.

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