What is ATFS Project?

ATFS Project (ATFS)




The world populations are growing and it is expected to grow even more by the year 2050. Urbanization is set to increase, but unfortunately, urbanization promotes eating habits of the developed nations where people love consuming proteins. The future has imminent problems in food security and supply chain, which needs an agricultural revolution to change things around. ATFS project is the world’s first ever GTECH and Food Science crowdfunding project built on smart contract and the Ethereum blockchain. The ATFS Project revolved around the ATFS token which helps in the establishment of a smart farm, production or plant-based meat and development of the disruptive decentralized platform.

Core features of ATFS Project

The ATFS team is fully confident that to project is a win-win model for both the crypto world and the agriculture industry. This is because of the core features that the projects have. Some of these features include:

  • Smart farms 2.0: The smart farm 2.0 project is for a project in Asia. In feature include intelligent farm powered by deep learning. Deep learning, in this case, is a combination of IoT, ICT, Big Data and more. Smart farm controls humidity, temperature, sunlight, carbon dioxide and water and also provides an optimal growth environment.
  • Plant-based meat: The plant-based meat utilizes synthetic biology and biotechnology as a blueprint for Plant-based Meat. It combines data accumulated and technology for smart farm 2.0 operations.
  • Disruptive decentralized platform: This is a borderless marketplace where all the above process takes place. The marketplace is a one-step payment structure on the Ethereum blockchain with smart contracts. The platform completely destroys problems in food distribution provides a profit model for producer and consumers and is an easy-to-use platform.

Token and ICO

ATFS token uses the name ATFS. It is an ATFS Lab profit share smart contract token. The project ICO will start on January 10, 2018. The ICO supports the establishment of Smart Farm, Plant-based Meat, and disruptive decentralized Platform. The ICO will allow the project to tackle impending food crisis. The distribution rate of the ATFS token will be 5000 per 1 ETH during the crowdfunding period. The ICO will last for 31 days, but can automatically close automatically when the hard-capo and 50000 ETH is reached.

About ATFS project team

ATFS project was founded by David Kim, who happens to be the CEO. Cofounders are COO, Jay Choi, CFO, Austin H. Chung, marketing lead Racheal Chung and CTO Allen sung.  Han Rew is the Graphic Designer and Web developer among other team members.



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