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Power Ledger(POWR)


For the past years, the energy industry was considered to be a simple industry. After the revolution in the energy industry, the industry is considered now as one of the most sophisticated industry. Many things have led to its sophistication, including natural disasters and cryptocurrency trading platforms. However, the inclusion of the power ledger platform is going to make things better in the energy industry. The power ledger platform is a transparent, trustless and the interoperable energy trading platform that supports the energy industry and its ever-changing applications. The Power Ledger Token (POWR) is the fuel on the ecosystem.

The Power Ledger ecosystem is an ecosystem that supports a growing number of energy trading applications. The key classes of the power ledger have operational and other have advanced conceptual design and others are in development. Some of the classes of the platform applications include:


The Neo-retailers Platform application provides retailers with demand and supply management along with instantaneous payment settlements and remuneration at the same time managing consuming exposure non-supply risk.

Neo Retailer is an innovative energy retailer who supports P2P trading through effective aggregation of consumer preference and demand (based on Whitepaper)

P2P trading

P2P trading platform application class gives retailers the ability to simply trade electricity with each other and receive payment in real-time the application use an automated and trustless reconciliation and settlement system for this kind of transactions. Users are able to select clean energy source, receive more money for excess power after trading with neighbors and benefits from the transparency of all trades on the blockchain. The settlement cost is very low leading to lower power bills and improved ROI.

Distributed market management

The distributed market management platform application provides users with optimized metering data, right to access and dispatch of assets, the collection of big data, rapid transaction settlements, frequency management, network load balancing, load management and demand-side response and demand side. The optimization is made viable by the real-time remuneration of asset owners.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehicle application facilitates real-time metering of data collection, rapid transaction settlement, and user identification.

Other platform applications include carbon trading to assure digital transactions across organizations, transmission exchange, power port, whole Market settlement, embedded/microgrid network operator/strata among others.

Team members

Power ledger has one of the best and qualified team members and board of directors. Dr. Jemma Green is the chair. She provides the strategic external relationship leadership in the platform. David Martin is the managing director, John Bulich, technical director and Dr. Gov van Ek the technical development personnel among other. Gov co-founded Ledger Assets while John provides strategic direction for application design and development.

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