What is Zoin?

Zoin (ZOI)



Zoin (ZOI) is a new cryptocurrency that wants to provide people with a secure and untraceable payment services. The cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency based on the Zerocoin protocol proven the cryptographic technology. The coin seeks to offer anonymity and privacy to its users if they desire. In comparison to many coins, Zoin is completely governed by the community. It belongs to people who want to participate in shaping the future of ZOIN.

Zion foundation economic model

The purpose of the foundation is the function as an umbrella under which funding and expenses for the development of Zoin are managed and accounted for. This means the foundation is transparent on the funding and costs of the projects towards the community. It also allows members to participate in who and how the future development is made and managed.

Core features

ZOIN has three core features that help in its operations. They are:

Zerocoin Protocol

Zerocoin Protocol helps in fixing problems in Bitcoin. The goal of Zoin is the use the Zerocoin Protocol to build a cryptocurrency user can see what they are buying and for how much. The collaboration between Zerocoin members and cryptographer has produced an efficient protocol that allows for direct private payments. Each user can convert non-anonymous coin into anonymous coins whenever they want. The Zoin-Zerocion user owns and reserves the total value of all transactions made in terms of Zoin-Zerocoins.

Voting system

The Zoin voting system is an online-based and represents an ideal decentralized platform, for democracy. The goal of the voting system is to create a system that allows people to vote and participate in a wallet. The voting system ensures the entire network is taken over by a single entity and members get involved in making important decisions.


Zoin uses masternodes to provide its users with a true level of decentralization. Users can create master node by locking in a specific amount of Zoin. The amount is not fixed. Because the masternodes cost money and effort. Users who get involved are paid a share of the block reward to incentivize them.

Zoin team

According to the website, Zoin is always looking for new people to join the team. The team is led by Christian Sander, an advisor, Tseng Ma, developer, Erik Wertheim advisor and Omar Saidani, a communication and marketing expert among others. Other team members include Han Youhong, a blockchain expert, Greg Kucmierz a software engineer, Max Werner developer, and Matthew Tawil also a developer. The team member comes from different countries across the globe.

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