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ZeusShield (ZSC)



Zeus Shield system is a peer-to-peer platform that focuses on insurance business. The platform uses the blockchain technology to apply the trust management into insurance service. This allows them to build up a new insurance ecosystem with the provision of intelligent insurance claims and precision marketing. The system architecture is an Ethereum based platform, that uses an Insurer Unit database and contracts database and turns them into an Artificial Intelligence module, risk fund Pool, and interface Module. The Module can be used by insurance companies, groups, and individuals. The platform also uses a business logic that helps insurance companies and individuals.

Zeus features

Digital identity + smart contracts

Since the information on the blockchain cannot be tampered with and is the absolute truth, the insurance industry can use Zeus to solve pain point problems. The Blockchain-based Digital identity does not allow for the removal, change, edit or forging of any information on the platform.

Personalized pricing and policies

The Zeus shield system provides accurate solutions using Intelligence modules. They provide an accurate solution for the pricing scheme, risk monitoring and give personalized policies for customers.

Precision marketing

The system can achieve more than just giving accurate marketing by analyzing the information ion the database. For example, users can recommend cosmetics return insurance for skin allergies users.

Intelligent insurance acceptance and verification

The AI module. Zeus shield system provides great help when it comes to acceptance and accounting. It makes the insured unit to cut back business cost and to the insured unit to provide intelligent insurance package. They also enable stable, reliable claims process.

Zeus timeline

The team formation and project approval happened in the second and the third quarter of 2017. In the fourth quarter of 2017, complete development of smart contracts for ZSC database management is expected to be completed. Also, Zeus will conduct the deployment of ZSC onto the Ethereum platform. Other features and stages of the platform are expected to be completed in 2019.

The team behind Zeus shield system

Some of the members of Zeus team include Yao Yong, Jiang Wei, Russell Muzenmda, Li Pengyu, Wang Yunqiao and Michael Buhr among others. Jiang Wei is a computer postdoctoral researcher and a wireless communication and AI expert. Pengyu is a Senior IT engineer of seven Module Internet patens and Wang a senior systems software engineer. All the team members have years of experience as engineers, blockchain experts and also managers in various platforms.



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