What is Zencash?

ZenCash (ZEN)



Zen is an end-to-end encrypted system with zero knowledge technology over which data, value, and communication are securely stored and transmitted. Zen is a blockchain system based on the protocol design and feature specification in censorship-evasion, transactions anonymity, and privacy. Zen token ZenCash is a zero-knowledge cryptographic shielding that protects users against the traffic correlation analysis. Since the protocol traffic and nodes are obscured on the zen network, transactions are anonymous and private.

Zen features

Zen offers features beyond ZenCash transaction. The platform has features that allow file sharing, document publication, fully encrypted communication, encrypted economy or business activity and hosts a distributed autonomous organization system. Being a world’s first private, distributed and reliable platform for publishing, transactions, and communications. Some of the features found on Zen platform includes:

Private Transaction: ZenCash uses the transparent and shielded transaction.

Private communications: the ZenCash ensures no metadata leakage regarding transaction specifies, they distribute secure and private communications with a client application that can utilize the secure memo and nodes and the capabilities of shielded transactions.

Secure and anonymous publishing: ZenCash provides one-to-many private communication on the blockchain. It has distributed publishing and distributed messaging enables anonymous communication worldwide.

Via a fully encrypted system, ZenCash is designed to focus on privacy and obscurity, and Zen embody the maximalist protocol that Bitcoin uses in favor of wide adoptions, simplicity, and usability. The infrastructure on Zen combination of zero-knowledge proofs, full encryption and a governance engine that opens multiple opportunities listed in the Zen white paper. Zen infrastructure provides use-case opportunities as follows:

  • Hosting of identification data
  • Selective proof of title for a variety of properties
  • Decentralized banking services
  • Mutual aid societies
  • P2P insurance
  • Simple use as an anonymous token value
  • Decentralized humanitarian aid mechanisms
  • Privacy-preserving b2b/p2p asset exchange.

Zen is leveraging to build a private and secure platform for transactions and instantaneous communications. The secure Nodes form the foundation of a resilient and distributed network for usability and accessibility worldwide. The secure Nodes in the platform enable network obfuscation and fully encrypted communications to make sure end-user activity is protected.

Zen White paper states foundation examples from which Zen was developed are Decred, seasteading, Bitcoin, and Dash. The initial project was known as Zcash, but Zen was forked out from Zcash’s Zclassic and developed into a platform with internal funding and fully encrypted network. Zen builds on the heritage of network architecture, best cryptocurrencies, and distributed file sharing system.

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