What is Zeepin?

Zeepin (ZPT)




Thanks to the blockchain technology, distributors, creator, and manufacturer are now positioned for unprecedented growth. The blockchain technology disrupts an inefficient creative industry. Zeepin Chain is a world’s first creative ecosystem that shakes up the whole global creative industry in a bid to provide more protection, more connection, more support and more recognition across the entire value chain. As the CEO and founder and Zeepin chain Zhu Fei explains, Zeepin chain is using innovation to disrupt the growing industry in North America, China and the United Kingdom. According to Fei,” the creative industry is undeniable becoming an economic force to be reckoned with.”

Challenges, solutions, and opportunity

Although the creative industry is rapidly developing, the growth still falls short of analysts’ expectations. This is because of the challenge in the creative industry. One of the challenges is that the leading enterprises develop slowly and the development of small, medium and micro-sized enterprises, innovations individuals and organizations is limited due to talent, financing, copyright, territory and other related problems.

Zeepin wants to create a fair and efficient creative ecosystem, which will be understood as a public facility and which has various kinds of tools that people can use. The Dapps will be used to solve problems related to innovation copyright protection, talent recruitment, remote cooperation and project financing.

Features of Zeepin

Copyright pro

Each creator has their right validated and receives a kind of digital assets called copyright pro. The feature gets the support from Zeepin Chain in its lifecycle, including transfer, co-creator copyright distribution, and copyright selling.

Authorization pro

Authorization Pros on Zeepin Chain are a kind of asset with safe, fast, decentralized and trusted transaction features. Smart contracts on the ecosystem function according to related information specified in the Authorizations Pros. The system automatically distributes profits, according to the percentage agreed.

Decentralized transaction

Zeepin provides copyright and an interconnection transaction environment that ensures trust among multiple parties on copyright creativity production and need of the third party.

Zeepin products

Zeepin Chain offers users Zeepin products that allow them to use the platform effectively. Some of the products include Zee talent, Zee Crew, Zee rights, Zee create, and Zee funds among others.


Zeepin Chain was founded by Zhu Fie also the CEO, and Glovia GU, Chief operating officer. Fei has over 15 years of experience in the creative industry and on the other hand, GU has over 10 years’ experience in corporate operation and management.

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