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Zclassic (ZCL)


In a time where our life is under constant surveillance, Zclassic (ZCL) is a financial freedom platform that brings complete financial anonymity. The platform can be compared to Zclassic as an equity with the censorship or any governing body. It  is a fork of Zcash that decided to take another path by removing the 20% fee. Moreover it has a zero-knowledge, providing scheme is a decentralized and open-source technology that offers selective transparency and privacy of transactions.

Zclassic benefits

Zclassic offers its users some of the best benefits. The benefits of the platform offer its users allows them to operate better and in a transparent way. These benefits include:

  • No Founders Tax: All mining rewards in Zclassic go directly to the miners. The Zcash founders take 20% of the rewards leading to 10% control on the entire monetary supply. The rewards that go to founders go on for 4 years.
  • No Slow Start: Zclassic eliminates the slow start of about 20,000 blocks that Zcash introduced.
  • Trusted parameters: Zclassic is using the same trusted parameters Zcash uses. The trusted parameters benefit the users in various ways.

ZCL coin

Zclassic uses the ZCL token that differs from the ZEC used by Zcash. The ZCL token allows Zclassic to remove the slow start source experience during mining and rewarding of tokens. It is not trying to deliberately engineer scarcity of its ZCL token and with the network, the market decides the price of the coin.

It also uses the same parameters produced in the famous secure “trusted setup meeting” source since they are safe to use. The famous secure meeting experienced expert participation, including Peter Todd, who confirmed the safeties of the source.

According to Crytpvest, “Zclassic ZCL is a relatively obscure digital asset that received sudden attention and grew by more than 2,700% in a few days to above $100.” Cryptovest claims the news triggered the climb though still unannounced snapshot of the blockchain.

Hard Fork

There is a schedule hard fork on the Zclassic which will reward a ratio of 1:1 Bitcoin Private. At the time of writing this post, there was no confirm schedule block or date.

How to get started with ZCL

To get started with the ZCL you need to download a wallet from the official Zclassic official website.  The wallet is available for Linux, Apple and Windows devices. After downloading the wallet, you are free to participate in the development of Zcalssic. You can also participate by joining the development community by clicking the participate button on the official website.

The project claims to have a robust community that continues promoting the Zclassic project.


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