What is Yoyow?




YOYOW platform is a platform that was originally designed to build a reasonable mechanism for distribution of content revenue at the same time building a valuable network based on content evaluation from users. The names derived from the idea of You Own Your Own Words translated to YOYOW. YOYOW is a platform with a goal of creating a network that uses a decentralized consensus and the blockchain technology to value contributions and returns on equity for enabling content producer, content investors, ecological builders and content screening to get reasonable incentives and rewards. The user can use text, video, audio and live content-based platforms to build the corresponding theme of the content incentive platform.

How does the platform work?

YOYOW uses the blockchain technology to establish an efficient and transparent evaluation system. The system rationally quantifies the value and contribution and reward users. Active users, communicators, and content providers can generate massive income and traffic each year’s for content sharing platforms and social networking on the platform such as Reddit, Facebook or Twitter. By giving this control to users, they can govern and profit, redefine economic models and community ecology and creatively boils an ecosystem on content production platforms.


Based on the blockchain technology

YOYOW uses the blockchain technology, which makes the platform to naturally boast all the benefits of the blockchain technology. There are no trust, no central authority control, high security, anonymity and complete user control.

Content motivation

YOYOW also uses a transparent proof-of-taste to reward communicators and content creators, and third-party builders to also receive rewards. YOYOW at the same time supports direct rewards. Text, images, and videos can be shared on YOYOW. Users can display these contents on self-media, twitter, Quora, Forum, live broadcast, Reddit and much more.


  • Efficient: Based on the graphene engine, YOYOW carries a strong capacity and it takes seconds to confirm transactions.
  • Elasticity: YOYOW allows for expansion of convenient plug-in development and third-party access architecture.
  • Convenient: YOYOW supports desktop application, WEB, APPs and other clients on the platform.
  • Lightweight: People do not need to download the blockchain out of the box.
  • Participate: token holder can participate in voting to decide on major issues on the blockchain.
  • Advanced multiple signatures: More secure, more flexible and more convenient.

YOYOW is led by Liu Qiang, Bitshares community depth participant, Liu Jialing, Evangelists and investor in early blockchain projects and ZI Chen, a council member and Bitshares bit greater representatives among others.

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