What is Xtrabytes?

Xtrabytes (XBY)




Are you looking for a cryptocurrency that has significant security and scalability advantages over all the other available crypto technologies on the market, look no more, XTRABYTES (XBY) is just the right one for you. XTRABYTES is a module and a blockchain platform that has introduced several key innovations in the current crypto technology market. The goal that Xtrabytes wants to achieve is to provide a platform for which customized services are deployed and utilized. There are several other blockchains that offer the same solutions in the current crypto market, but what separated XTREBYTES from the rest is because it is built and backed by secure reliable and powerful network.

On the XTREBYTES platform users are provided with a highly customizable platform enabling them to create and deploy tailored applications. Ease of use and flexibility are the center of the network. The XTRABYTES network is designed to shorten application development process and allows users to easily and quickly launch their projects. Its platform is easy to use and efficient. The reason for this is because XTRABYTES wants to serve as a host for application and services in the entire crypto ecosystem. All apps and services are backed by security and scalability advantages. The advantages are inherent in XTRABYTES core technology.

The XTREBYTES platform has labeled modules reflecting the fact that it is independent and self-contained compared to other services. The modules are each self-contain from other modules, each comprising of entirely separate applications. Modules can be created, deleted or updated without disrupting the network or having any impact on other modules since they are segregated. They offer plug and play functionality for users to use on modules. The plug and play functionality enables connection of modules to the XTRABYTES network and draws upon its features. As a proof of concept, the XTRABYTES development team plans to release several modules and provide multiple core services. The first services comprise of a decentralized secure data storage and other services.

XTRABYTES is powered via the proof of Signature (PoSign) consensus algorithms. This is a unique and revolutionary approach that helps in distributed consensus. It was developed by Zoltan Szabo, who is also the founder and lead developer. PoSign is a consensus algorithm that comprises of a radically different approach from other algorithms. Transaction verified by Static nodes network. Each node must sign off on a transaction before it can be appended to the blockchain associated with it. Malicious node repetition is blacklisted automatically.

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