Xaurum (XAUR)



Xaurum (XAUR) is a digital cryptocurrency that is based on the increasing amount of gold. According to XAUR’s developers, Xaurum can also be referred as the unit of value that works on the golden blockchain that can be exchanged for gold by melting. The amount of gold that is being distributed is owned by the Xaurum digital CommonWealth, a project that helps in providing an increase of each Xaurum’s coin value. The Xaurum platform is based on the golden technology as aforementioned before, and this technology is 100% transparent.


The Xaurum coins can be mined on the Goldmine, With the use of the decentralized minting and mining ( a process in which every transaction is verified before it is added to the public ledger) the XAUR platform will be able to exercise cooperative control over the money supply. The Xaurum coins can be exchanged equivalent of a physical gold’s worth, which will be stored in the digital CommonWealth.

Xaurum video explanation

XAUR uses Proof of Stake (POS) to run the whole system, which requires less consumption of energy. The digital CommonWealth of Xaurum functions as the platform which reserves the gold. The value of every unit of XAUR coin can be mined on its gold base in the digital CommonWealth, which also helps the miners to gain profits.




Gold based

The XAUR coin value is going to be based on gold and will be exchangeable for it.


Growing Gold base


The value of every XAUR coin is increasing due to its coinage and use.


Global delivery


If the user has XAUR coin that is equivalent to one (1) gold bar, then he/she will be able to exchange it for physical gold anywhere in the world.




The XAUR platform has a digital commonwealth, which reserves the gold ready for exchange. It is a non-profit project of Xaurum.


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