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Xapo is a web wallet which allows the users to store their Bitcoin (BTC) securely. Xapo offers a debit card where the member can link their account, so they can use their money anywhere. If you will become a Xapo user, you will be able to see your previous transactions and the amount of money you have in your account. 


XAPO Wallet Debit Card

The Xapo offers a secure Debit Card, which will be linked to your account. You will be able to use the card at your convenience. The card is allowed to be used at any ATM worldwide to withdraw physical cash when you need it. However, there will be a few limitations that users must take note when using their Xapo Debit card. You can only perform 2 transactions per day with a $200 limit per transaction. This means that the maximum amount you can withdraw per day is $400.

Xapo video explanation


The limitations can be somehow strict, but they offer a feature in which the users can request another card which has upgraded withdrawal limits. In the process of upgrading your card, you will be required to upload an image of your acceptable clear and visible ID. A proof of residence will also be required to match it with the address stated on your ID.


When the requirements are met, you will be able to withdraw from ATMs with $2,000 as the limit every day. The Xapo wallet security feature claims to have the most secure vault systems, which the users’ Bitcoins are securely stored on offline servers, which means that it will not be connected to the internet.


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