What is Worldcore?

Worldcore (WRC)



Everybody involved with the blockchain and other financing options can see the prospects of the blockchains. These opportunities are what Worldcore saw in the blockchain industry and decided to engage itself with it. Worldcore was known as a successful payment institution when the Ethereum was created. The platform started offering a range of payment products since it was launched and went on the win several awards and opened its doors to hundreds of customers if not thousands around the globe.

What is Worldcore?

Worldcore is known as a regulatory payment institution. The institution has an EU license that it was granted by the National Bank of Czech Republic. By the end of 2017, the payment institution current annual transaction volume is expected to exceed 100 million EUR. Worldcore is the first company that wants to approach ICO is a different way. The company plans to build a transparent business that will help them do so.

What is the WRC TOKEN?

Worldcore uses the WRC token as a share of Worldcore revenue. The token is a digital asset that holder can hold or sell for exchanges to other traders. The WRC store their token in their wallets and receive a profit share once in a year. When the profits rise, so do your earnings. This is because the revenue share payments rise too and because other traders will want to buy the tokens. The tokens can be stored and cannot be modified by anyone except the token holder.

Worldcore technologies and features

Smart invoicing

For must invoicing, users have to create an invoice, send it via SMS or email and get payments through the available payment options on the platform including cryptocurrency.


Users can enjoy a smooth integration of the platform owing to the robust API. The API has clear documentation that gives users full control over their account and all the processes on the platform are automated using the API.

Mass payments

Payments to subcontractors or partners, employee wages, and affiliate payouts can be sent out as a collective payment to bank accounts and payment cards.

Wordlcore Prepaid Card

Enabling clients, to apply for a physical or virtual prepaid card to use with fiat money.


Is suitable for cryptocurrencies holders, who which to transfer money. They can transfer money to almost any cardholder up to 500(EUR/USD) per transaction.

Face key and voice key

The face key is a cutting-edge biometric technology that users can use to access their accounts. All they have to do is look into the cameras and access your account. With the voice key, there is no password needed. You just say and phrase you use and your access your account.

The platform has over 40 employees led by Evgenii Zhuikov Net team leader and founder and CEO Nasonov.


ICO Information

  • Token price 0.1 USD
  • 14th of October 2017 crowdsale start
  • Total tokens supply 1 000 000 000
  • Revenue share 30% annual profit
  • Unsold tokens will be destroyed
  • Hard cap is $100 million

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