What is Wolk?

Wolk (WLK)



The Wolk Foundation has introduced a new protocol the Wolk protocol, supporting the decentralized data exchange between buyers and sellers. The Wolk protocol is a blockchain-based advertising data exchange that is powered by the Wolk token. Created by a team of scientists and experts with decades of experience in the performance-based bad digital advertising meriting. The Wolk Protocol enables data buyers and sellers to share data that are tied to IDs.

What is decentralized data exchange?

The Wolk protocol uses decentralized virtual currencies, which are the Wolk Token with APIs (the Wolk API) for all the transaction in the platform. Data buyers and sellers use a platform that has decentralized backend storage. To earn Wolk tokens for use in the platform. Data is stored in the decentralized data storage. When the data is on-boarded and accessed via the Wolk API, the suppliers of the data are compensated using Wolk Token

To get data from the platform, buyers need to spend their Wolk Tokens. The buyer uses Wolk APIs the get quality data before transferring the Wolk token to data suppliers. Anyone can exchange between Wolk and ETH since Wolk is Liquid. They can exchange by interacting with the Wolk smart contracts.

How the Wolk works

The Wolk works as a platform where data buyers and seller can buy and sell data using the Wolk token. The platform enables clients to buy data from suppliers and contributors. There is no guarantee that token on the platform will increase and decrease in value. There are many reasons that may lead to the decrease or increase of token value which includes providing information about the tokens and the Wolk token sale.

How users buy data

Users buy data on the Wolk protocol using the Wolk Token. The need to connect their mobile device IDs, phone numbers and emails to deterministic data attributes. After connection their device Id, they can use the API to access data in real-time and improve marketing efficiency with a higher ROI from precision and accuracy.

How to sell data on Wolk?

Users of the Wolk Protocol can earn new recurring revenue from their audience. The WOLK Platform control pricing minimizes data leakage giving those participating a high-growth cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The Wolk Token

The Wolk Token can be used in Wolk APIs. Wolk can be earned using your audience data and then exchanged for Ethereum. The foundation has a team of advisors and partners, including David Gentzel and Nucypher and Swam working group.

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