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WishFinance (WISH)



WishFinance is the first ever global Blockchain platform for SMEs. The platform acts as a service for small business. The platform is based on blockchain technology for small business lending. WishFinance wants to solve problems that SMEs face when they want to borrow money from investors and lenders. It uses a combination of technologies like banking APIs, loan portfolio analytics, and neural network monitoring, BigData, and blockchain portfolio securitization. The combination of technologies solves issues of high-risk lending to small businesses.

How WishFinance works

WishFinance works to solve three major problems in the lending industry. WishFinance platform offers a unique Business solution to small businesses, solves major pain points in the lending industry and provides a great investment opportunity for SMEs. As a unique business solution WishFinance offer solutions like payment repayments, Big + AI + Blockchain and low-risk SME lending. As major pain points, the platform wants to solve issues that include underfinanced market, industrial weakness, and huge rates up to 60%. In the great investment opportunity solution, WishFinance wants to users access tokens, Zero Default technology, and price pressure.

WishFinance features and innovations

  • Real data scoring: users can use real financial transaction data to score of the SME borrowers to lower their business risk and provide a fair interest rate.
  • Fast lending: most operations on WishFinance platform are automated, which means they can help borrowers issue loans as fast as possible. It takes 24 hours maximum to get and offer loans.
  • Insured loans: Loans could be insured from borrower’s bankruptcy, so that all your investors are happy, your borrowers and happy and you are happy.
  • Globally scalable: Professional lenders can use the WishFinance platform in any country. This enables lenders like small and medium banks to earn on SME financing
  • Made to serve SME: WishFinance is created to serve the most vulnerable and financially underserved types of business both small and medium.
  • Social impact: Every country’s economy depends mostly on SMEs, WishFinance platform users can support the SMEs that creates job opportunities and pay a lot of taxes.
  • Access token: WISH is an access token needed to manage loan portfolio. This means lender with 1000 active loans should deposit 1000 WISH tokens.

Who is behind the WishFinance?

WishFinance is led by a team that includes Eugene Green, Chief executive officer, Michael Elgort, Chief Compliance officer, Alex Paktr, Community manager and Ruslan Gavinov, Chief technology officer among others. The platform was created and tested by Singaporean financial technology company WishFinance.


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