What is Wepower?

Wepower (WPR)



The problems with today’s world in that it runs on dirty energy. The benefits of green power are in the world today is being assumed by many people. WePower is a green energy exchange platform with an aim of promoting a healthier, cleaner future using decentralized blockchain technology. The platform and its developers want to change the world from dirty to clean energy which has always been seen as difficult by many people. It could be difficult for other companies, but WePower wants to do so. Wepower plans to solve enormous problems by creating a network that allows anyone to easily participate. Those who use, produce, buy and invest in green energy can collaborate in the platform.

How does the platform work?

Wepower is based on the Ethereum platform. It uses a token-based ecosystem and the smart contracts to make green energy more efficient. The platform is connected to the energy exchange and energy grid markets. It connects existing and new renewable energy producers with companies that want to use or invest in clean energy future. Some of the key problems that WePower wants to solve include:

  • Borderless and cheaper purchase of green energy directly from producers
  • Bring transparency to consumed and produced green energy by monitoring and making grid telemetry and data access for users.
  • Gives direct access to financing green energy production projects by purchasing energy up front.

WePower features

Everything is transparent: The Wepower platform has its pride in transparency. All the information from energy grid is transformed into tokens to accurately reflect the flow of energy produced and consumed by users. The tokens are automatically converted to CO2 tokens.

Everyone can buy green energy: WePower caters to the international community of investors, producers, and consumers. The system relies on the blockchain-based smart contracts. The tokens are based on smart contracts and represent how much energy buyer owns and consumes.

Anyone can produce green energy: Anyone can finance the setup cost of their power plant by selling energy. The anticipated energy production becomes a legally binding contract that guarantee producer will provide a relevant amount of energy.

Purchase energy for investment and consumption: WePower allows users through the use of tokens to purchase green energy from their consumption or from investments.

WePower team

WePower is led by co-founders Nikolaj Martyniuk (energy) and Arturas Asakavicius (investments). Kaspar Kaarlep is the CTO and Jon Matonis a blockchain advisor, Eyal Hertzog also a blockchain advisor.

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