What is Waves Platform?

 What is Waves Platform?

Waves Platform (Waves)



The founder of Waves Platform is Sasha Ivanov, it’s a powerful blockchain app that has been used by numerous entrepreneurs and businesses. The internet offers huge advantages for the way people manage their finances. You can access your bank or brokerage online from anywhere 24-7. Waves use regular financial service providers as gateways and the interface looks and feel just like a regular bank account or trading platform.

It is unlike the traditional financial services, it all runs on blockchain technology. Waves is fast, secure, low-cost, powerful, and compliant, so you can transfer money anywhere in the world. The Waves will only cost you a fraction of a cent regardless of how much you send.

What does Waves do?

Waves opens up asset (means something that pays you) trading anywhere in the globe represented in the digital currency. For instance, one custom token can be traded for another custom token with waves. Tokens refer to entries on the public ledger called Blockchain.

The token can be issued by any kind of end-user and can be transferred, swapped, or traded on a decentralized exchange. If you are a user in the Waves platform and also have tokens, you will be able to receive rewards from all the transactions you make. The tokens that are held in your account is under your full control.

Wavesplatform video explanation

Waves Platform offers the following:

  • Decentralized Exchange -Allowing other tokens to be traded/exchange on their platform
  • Crowdfunding and Token creation -over 6331 different tokens have been issued on Wave platform which reaches over $1 billion
  • NG Model, a faster way to process transaction capable of handling hundreds of transactions per second.


Waves full node provides a professional, powerful, and secure nodes, which are hosted on digital ocean data center 24/7. Node refers to data communication equipment and digital ocean helps in providing fast and private networking. In a shorter sense, when you lease your waves, then you will be rewarded with tokens in return and these digital tokens represent value.

It allows you to trade securities and receive dividends as well, but without the fees and overheads of a regular broker. The wide adoption and stability of regular money and the traditional financial system turbocharged by the power of the blockchain.


One of the planned features that Waves are planning on introducing in the future is Blockchain Messenger, Multisignature and New Fiat Currency Getaway.


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