What is Wanchain?

Wanchain (WAN)




The financial industry is about to face another possible change with the inclusion of Wanchain. Wanchain is a new platform with the vision of creating a new financial infrastructure that can be distributed everywhere. With the use of private Cross-chain smart contracts, the platform will be able to rebuild finance and power the new digital economy.

Benefits of Wanchain

Some of the Benefits of Wanchain according to their vision includes:

Digital economy: the digital economy is expanding since the revelation of Bitcoin. There have been many other digital assets and some are still upcoming. Wanchain vision is to tap into the expanding potential and make finance better.

Digitization of assets: the digital asset operates in the domain of exponential scale, and Moore’s law. Wanchain wants to make the impact of the financial industry profound.

New opportunities: Wanchain wants to create banking applications and services for the expanding digital economy, expands top-line revenue, #rebuildFinance and change the world.

Financial infrastructure: The main aim of Wanchain is to solve today’s isolated digital assists. It wants to connect the assets and allow for banking application that guide flows on-chain and removing centralized counterparty risk.

Use cases

Decentralized Exchange

Wanchain acts as a place where you can:

  • Transact using Wanchain’s multi-asset wallet
  • Exchange digital assets on-chain
  • Build decentralized application such as Ether delta.

Asset management tools

Wanchain can also be used to minimize exchange counterparty risk, privacy protection for positions and trades and master address that provides trusted and simplified audit.

ICO platform

Wanchain offers a streamlined process you can use to launch ICO, access to an exuberant community of Wanchain and for collecting multiple funds from many assets.



The Wanchain Cross-chain is based on locked accounts with complex algebra and SMPC that allows the low threshold to convert to digital assets of your choice. This process unleashes the power used for removing centralized counterparty risk and building compelling distributed cross-chain Dapps.

Smart contracts

The Wanchain blockchain is built on the strength and robustness of Ethereum. All Ethereum Dap can run on the Wanchain and be enhanced with Wanchain’s APAI for cross-chain capabilities and privacy protection.


The Wanchain uses a ring signature to protect users’ anonymity and provides the ability for the receiver to verify the sender’s signature on the transaction. Also, the OTA provides complete anonymity in every transaction.

Wanchain ICO program took place in September 2017 and they are planning for Wanchain 1.0 to go live in January 2018 along with other programs that years such as Wanchain 2.0 and Wanchain 3.0



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