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WalletBoss (WaBo)


WalletBoss (WaBo) is a platform that allows users to lend and borrow money across the world. Users borrow money in an interest-free, commission-free and without the need of having a bank account or using the bank or any middlemen. WalletBoss is also a platform where users can land if you are in needs at the same time earn coins which can be converted into cash. With an interface, WalletBoss allows users to earn without searching or using other financial sources. Borrowers can generate income on the platform by downloading apps, filling in questionnaires, playing games, watching short films and answering surveys.

Why use WalletBoss?

WalletBoss was made for everybody and for the mobile world. What are the features that make WalletBoss usable?

Wall interface

Because WalletBoss is a Micro-loan platform. How can someone repay a loan where there are limited moneymaking opportunities? The company created a platform where users can play games, engage in other activities like answering a survey to earn money and help repay their loans.

Credit scoring algorithm

The credit scoring algorithm handles the subject of uncertainty regarding the ability of borrowers to pay a loan. The algorithm is based on ‘psycholinguistics” which create a psychological profile for borrowers. Borrowers are evaluated using the profile.


WalletBoss uses biometrics to eliminate the phenomenon of fake identities or decrease it. Biometric identification means that someone cannot use fake identities to request for a loan. Identification is required once you apply for a loan.


With the mobile app, the platform allows for direct communication between borrowers and lenders. This helps lenders measure the impact of the loan they are giving.

Amazing WalletBoss app features

WalletBoss app is available on Android devices. It is more than a picture taking app. Some of its features include

Sensor data: The sensor data collect the data on your mobile devices and display it on the screen of your device dynamically.

Image Gallery: WalletBoss App has a built-in image gallery that you can use to view your images taken using the app. You can also view the sensor’s metadata.

Phone data: Apart from inspecting your sensor data, the app also shows you other data about your device. It will show you data’s like the cellular display, Wi-Fi and much more.

Metadata: The app automatically saves all you image taken using it. It saves them as metadata

WalletBoss was created by Nurit, Yatir, and Mario. Developers of the platform are accessible using the fatelevich@gmail.com email address.



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