What is Wala?

Wala (Dala)



The Wala (Dala) platform is a financial platform that is powered by the Dala token. The Fintech Company, which is the company behind the Wala platform targets to allow developing nations access no fees financial solutions and digital banking solutions. They offer blockchain based solutions to help bridge the gap that exists between 3.5 billion people and the current banking system across multiple developing nations. Currently, the corporation has a million plus users and a growing partnership with other financial institutions in a bid to make sure every user gets the best services.

The Dala token

Wala platform is powered by the Dala token. The Dala token is an ERC20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. The general purpose of the Dala token is to enable free banking for emerging markets consumers. The utility token is independent and fractionally divisible by cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Consumers can engage in the Dala ecosystem, using the token to make transfers. They can store the token in the wallets via the Wala financial platform or via other applications built using the Dala API.

Dala token ICO and distribution

The Wala token sale is still ongoing and ends on December 10, 2017. All US bankers can participate in the token sale. For you to participate, you need to register on the platform, on the Newtown partner’s token portal. Other people can participate too. A total of 1 billion Dala token were available. 30% is going to the company, 40% as rewards, and 30% token sale.

Wala features

Some of the features that make the platform a better place for trading include:


the Wala Financial Platform is the first application to us he Dala token. The token has immediate utility within the platform. Users can transfer token for free across the ecosystem, redeem for airtime, and remit across borders and other value-added services.

Dala token rewards model:

for robust functions of the ecosystem, Wala incentives users through a seed partner service and the reward model providers. The Dala token reward model is proven, drives adoption of merchants and supports the acquisition of billions of consumers globally.


Dala is intended to be a fully-decentralized autonomous organization. But due to the infancy of cryptocurrency governance space, the corporation will assist with providing a governance forum for the wale platform.

Wala team

Wala was founded by Tricia Martinez also the CEO and Samer Saab, the CPO. Samer is a serial entrepreneur, a former consultant, and engineer while Tricia is a behavioral economist and also a serial entrepreneur. They have successfully managed to build the Wala ecosystem.

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