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Wagerr(WGR) is a fully decentralized sports betting platform that taps into the worldwide sports betting market by offering secure and a better way to bet for sports enthusiasts and other people who wish to bet on sports. Smart blockchain technology automates payouts, forges betting contracts and validates sporting events outcomes provides a better and transparent betting platform. Wagger system is self-regulating and fully decentralized allowing it to deliver safe, secure and private sports betting platform worldwide. People should now worry less about crooked bookmakers or changing regulations and the risk involved in sports betting.

Since the system is superior to traditional sportsbooks, there is already broad adoption for people worldwide. Betting activity and the Wagerr network is a deflationary engine used to drive the WGR token. Through the Value coupling mechanism, Wagerr network usage is successfully linked to the price of the Wagerr coin. Larger scale investors can take advantage of the Oracle Masternodes that function as consensus agents retrieving sporting event outcomes and forging all betting contracts, they can also win rewards and collecting fees using the Oracle Masternodes.

What are Wagerr Oracle Masternodes?

As stated above, wager Oracle masternodes act as consensus agents for retrieving sporting event data and record outcome on the blockchain. The records recorded are then used to determine the winning bet.


What is the reason for having one?

Oracle Masternodes collects 50% of betting fees and wins a portion of fixed periodic block awards. As the Wagerr economy grows, the Wagerr token earned increases in value. The status of the coins is prestigious that the number of Oracle masternodes available are just limited to only 2000. The number ensures fair compensation for unique requirements of the oracles. These are other reasons why you might need the oracles.

Unbeatable returns

Oracle Masternodes earn a significant 50% of betting contract fees aside from receiving a portion of the block rewards.

Smart Contract escrow

One type of smart contract known as the Application Specific Smart Contracts (ASSC) is used in Wagerr. The ASSCs are blockchain smart contracts that accept a fixed parameter. The advantage of the ASSC is that they are collateralized by Oracles and quickly verified via consensus to allow for the highest level of function without sacrificing network security.

There are other things that oracles do on the Wagerr platform that is beneficial to larger scale investors and developers. Anybody can take advantage of them.

or the work and allow investors to win periodic block rewards.


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