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VRT World (VRT)


VRT project is a unique project that allows investors and developers to own VR products on the platform, API, and SDK. Developers can enjoy VR features and access exclusive technologies, participate in groundbreaking entertainment and gaming projects and at the same time, become owners of offline VR parks and monetize their own ideas. Once you become a member of the VRT project, you get access to trendsetting equipment and technologies that will save you a considerable amount of time and money. You can test your games using off-line VR parks in any country across the globe. The VRT community consists of developers, businesses, and players.


VRT project features

Profit automatic distribution

VRT guarantees users transparency and automation of profit distribution between all parties. Every profit they gain from content leas and sale are regulated and distributed among owners and VR parks, VRT managing company and content developers through Smart Contracts.

Verification of intellectual property ownership

The use of blockchain in the VRT project allows for storage of information about rights to content and authors. Specific software is used in the project to check the authenticity of content through the blockchain.

Developer’s motivation system

VRT will establish a fund for motivating developers. Accumulated assets will be granted to developers of most prospective projects on the platform.

Community involvement

VRT will use the Blockchain technology for voting. The process helps in controlling quality content and, marketing research. The polls help in identifying most important areas for development of technology, and analysis and aggregation and feedback.

Franchise management practice

VRT if the first team to use the blockchain technology to manage VR franchise. Business owners can rely on legitimate profit distribution counterspy of registration of activities.

Token sale

VRT project uses the VRT token as a utility token. The VRT token prize is contributed by the growth of developers, users, and crypto enthusiasts and communities. The communities also stimulate interest. The VRT token is an ERC20-compatible token which is issued in conformance with the ERC20 standards. 1 VRT = 1 USD during the token sale. An amount of 100 million tokens will be available and the unsold token will be terminated after the token sale.

Token allocation

After the token sale, 18% of VRT will go to VR park content development, 15% for project marketing, 12% for VR park franchise development, 15% for SDK and technology improvement, 15% for founder and team and others to reserve, bounty and project support funds. VRT is led by Konstantin Negachev, CEO and Dmitriy Livshin, CIO.


The project is no longer live

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