What is Voxelus?

Voxelus (VOX)



Entertainment has consistently been in the first position when it comes to new technology adoption. We all have seen smartphones, tablets, and other devices that are coming up. There has been a massive improvement and this is what the case with Voxelus is. The Voxelus project started back in the year 2014. When it started nobody knew where it was going to settle. However, Voxelus aimed at creating a cryptocurrency to support their platform. In the years that followed, Voxelus has been able to develop and become a disruptive technology that completely changes the way people interact with 3-D spaces.

VR, as known by many people has a bright future. It is going to play an important part in the cryptocurrency world and 3-D spaces by enabling others to create and share content in virtual reality (VR). The VR is different from tablets and smartphones since it is a different technology that needs the right performance and massive processing power for users to have a good experience.

VR Vision

Voxelus vision is to enable anyone to build immersive worlds and share them with other people online. Today the VR products hold true the vision and it is reflected in all the products. Anyone can use Voxelus to build a world, upload and play with others on the platform. Their great technology allows this to happen.

A new improved version of Voxelus

Since its inception in 2014, VR has undergone different phases of improvement and the last phase happens on May 4th 2017. In the last improvement phase, the Voxelus team of experts managed to incorporate new highlights of the platform. The new highlights included:

  • Performance improvements
  • Phone overheating improvement
  • New shaders for assets
  • Rebuild and upload of all the new assets to servers.

VR expanded even further by adding two new business divisions on the platform. They added studio work and Voxelus for education. The studio work is basically leveraging their existing technology to allow other people to explore the platform. On the other hand, the Voxelus for education offers virtual classrooms for online courses and other learning programs and experiences that can be served in VR. It allows for a fantastic learning environment.

The Voxel coin

The Voxel coin is not theoretical, it has real projects behind it. Voxelus in working on getting the Voxel coin into other exchanges and to continue trading on Bittrex which is the first platform that supported and listed the Voxel coin.


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