What is Votecoin?

Votecoin (VOT)




Technologies have revolutionized every aspect of people’s lives during the past few decades. The use of technology is widely spread and is rapidly expanding. However, despite the advanced technology, people development is untraceable. Services, products, and ideas need to be continuously improved to stay on track. Votecoin is a cryptocurrency platform best suitable for voting purposes like elections. It is based on the Zerocoin protocol and it is completely anonymous. The aim of Votecoin is to solve the many problems that people experience when it comes to voting by providing a new and innovative cryptocurrency with the right feature.

Votecoin benefits

  • Multi-platform wallet: Zcash supports only Linux text-node clients. Votecoin plan to provide an easy wallet for the general public. The wallet will have all major applications including MAC OS, Linux, and Windows.
  • No slow start period: a user of the platform will enjoy a fast start period as opposed to Zcash slow start period. Votecoin has removed fractions reward to miner so that they get their full reward from the very beginning they start using the platform.
  • No founder reward: unlike other platforms where founders are rewards a certain percentage of coins, Votecoin has removed this feature allowing participants to be rewarded in full.

Votecoin features

Votecoin has six main features according to its official website. Some of these features are:

VOT Token current specs

The platform uses the VOT Token. A total of 220 million VOT was available. Block reward stands at 125 VOT and the Block time is 2, 5 min.

Full transparency

Votes and transactions with the platform are transparent or shield. This means all process on the platform is publicly visible and completely anonymous.

Multiplatform wallet

The priority goes on the platform is to provide users with a multiplatform wallet application that is suitable for them.

Based on Zcash

The source code of Votecoin is based on ZCash. It follows the same trusted setup which is provided by Zcash team.

Fair coin distribution

Because there are no founders’ rewards and a slow start period, everyone using the platform is ensured on far coin distribution more than any other platform.

Votecoin ICO

The Votecoin ICO ended on 21st of October 2017 ay exactly 10.00 CET. A total of 10 million VOT was available in the ICO distribution. The token that remained after the ICO was spilled between all contributors, according to the portion of their purchased value. If you bought and you were rewarded VOT coin, you get your confirmation once the payment is verified. They will send you an email with instruction on how to claim your VOT coins.



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