What is Viva?




Transaction today can be compared to the opening and closing of a leaky faucet. The value of transactions is lost in the pockets of few corporate financiers. VIVA is a cryptocurrency platform that aims at solving the problem by making sure the drop in the value of the financial system and transactions is recovered. It also wants to make sure equitability returns to the individual people and those who participate in the VIVAconomy. VIVA has combined a three-tiered stabilized digital currency framework. It includes a proven digital currency ATM, online blockchain trading exchange and real-world value generating blockchain application for a sustainable virtual economy.

How does VIVA work?

The VIVA project guarantees stability by direct control on supply using smart contracts. This makes the project more than just a cryptocurrency project. The building of a multi-million dollar development project and VIVA blockchain graph raises VIVA bar in the blockchain technology industry. Unlike other PoS and POW consensus algorithms, VIVA using a proof of Authority that does not depend on top-heavy stake holder’s energy consuming mining farms.

VIVA technology

VIVA projects use the VIVA ultra-ledger technology. The technology makes the projects to go a step beyond other cryptocurrencies by building the multi-million dollar project can hyper ledger fabric. Hyper ledger Fabric helps in raising the bar for the blockchain and the while blockchain technology in general.

VIVA Crown

VIVA Crown is the token used in VIVA technology. The Crown is treasured financial assets since only I crown will be created each week after the ICO. The created crown will be part of the settlement procedure. Each VIVA crown holder will receive a treasury right to mint after every quarter, the right to mint should be agreed upon a number of VIVA coins. The right can be sold if a crown holder desires to do that.

A VIVA crown holder has a powerful voice within the VIVAconomy. Each holder has one vote, which they can use the VIVAconomy regardless of the number of crowns they possess. No one has more influence than others on the project.

VIVA team

VIVA is led by CEO Dawn Parker Waites. Dawn has a background in business, including mortgage, management, and sustainability industries. The COO is the project is Alec Hahn. Alec also oversees VIVA Mexican and European operations. Dennis H. Lewis is the CMO. Dennis is a serial entrepreneur and self-proclaimed digital storyteller. Another team member is William Banks. William is the CTO of VIVA.

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