What is Viuly?

Viuly (VIU)


Viuly is a decentralized blockchain based video sharing platform that is the future of the video-sharing market. The online video sharing industry has its own problems. A revolutionary solution changes the multi-dollar market, but Viuly does not want to solve the nonexistent problems, but they want to solve the actual ones. The video content on at least all video sharing platforms available is often accompanied by ads. We feel annoyed when watching a video these ads when the video platform makes most of the money from the ads. Now you can share the profits by watching the ads and the video content we enjoy.

How the Viuly platform works

The Viuly platform works in a very simple and smooth way. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Upload free videos and create your channel or channels.
  • Sell access to your premium content
  • Donate to support content creators
  • Be rewarded for watching free video on the platform
  • Buy premium content using your earned VIU tokens
  • Advertise to users and pay directly to them.

All payments are carried out automatically in VIU tokens. The tokens are stored in the Viuly blockchain.

Viuly token

Viuly token VIU is Ethereum based blockchain smart contract. They represent the main tool of value between content creators, advertisers, and users. VIU tokens can be sold and purchased at any of the world’s cryptocurrency exchanges.

How Viuly solve the problems in the video-sharing industry

Users get rewarded for viewing videos

We all know that people viewing videos on video sharing platforms don’t get rewired, but at viuly users, attention is the most valuable resource and it is rewarded. Any registered users watching video on the platform get from 25% to 95% of the funds allocated to the advertisers.

Save cost for intermediaries and have accurate and transparent statistics

Viuly provides advertisers with accurate statistics whenever users view videos on the platform. All data is recorded on the blockchain and can be checked by both third-party auditors and advertisers. Payments are made immediately and the process is completely transparent.

Video creators earn too

Video creators earn anything from 65% to 90% of the funds spent by advertisers. They receive all this as payments.


Viuly platform was founded by Rudlan Popa and is also the CEO. Popa has more than 12 years of experience in creating and managing IT start-up. Silvio Martirosyan is the CMO of the platform Silvio is a strong self, motivated and a leader with more than 15 years of experience in launching and promoting retail corporate and financial sectors.

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