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Virtue Poker (VPP)


The cryptocurrency and blockchain industry have changed the way many industries are functions and now they are embracing the poker industry. The poker industry is constantly growing and things are set to change in the industry with the inclusion of blockchain and cryptocurrency. The most recent addition is the Virtue Poker. The Virtue poker is a startup company that utilizes the power to regulate and administrate the poker industry. According to the company, it uses the blockchain technology to achieve overall results and have more decentralized, transparent and security for participants.

How the Virtue poker works

The Virtue Poker uses the Ethereum blockchain to manage and regulate games instead of using a centralized system. The company lets smart contracts, automatic systems, and regulate the payment instead of participants regulating themselves.

Token mechanism

The virtue poker plans to mint 500mm tokens. It uses a simple sales method for contributors to the token sale. Of the 500mm minted tokens, 20% will be sold during the token sale regard how the amount of ETH raised. The token sale will end when Virtue poker reaches 25000 ETH hard cap or 14 days after the start of the sale. All participants of the token sale will receive token based on the price, which is determined based on the final amount of ETH raised.

The maximum price is 1 ETH = 4,000 VPP.  And the minimum price is 1 ETH = 8,000 VPP.


  • Instant payouts: All payouts on the platform takes place in less than60 seconds. They are automatically sent back to the player’s wallet once they leave the table.
  • Tamper-proof Gaming: all game played on Virtue Poker happens using off-chain using a mental poker that is securely implemented.
  • Guaranteed tournaments: participants have the chance to choose to spend money on expensive sponsorships on athletes and stars.
  • Security of player funds: all funds on the platform are secured. Participants do have to deposit money in the centralized virtue Poker system. Instead, the system allows players to fund their wallets and engage in gaming activities using the funds.


Jim Berry is the lead platform engineer and the co-founder of Virtue Poker together with co-founder and business development Ryan Gittleson. Other on the team are Javier Franco, Development Team Lead, Iddo Bentov, Chief Cryptographer, Dan Goldman, Chief Marketing Officer, Alvaro Rodriguez, Front-End and Solidity Developer,

Jose Luis Diaz, Head of Product, Daniel Ortega, Back-End Developer and Catalin Dragu,  Art Director among others.

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