What is Viberate?

Viberate (VIB)



Finding a platform that matches musicians with event organizers or a platform that revolutionize how musicians are booked and represented is not easy. Although you might find several platforms that offer entertainment services, there is one platform that stands out from the cloud and it is the Viberate platform. What is Viberate and how does it work?

What is Viberate?

Viberate is a crowdsourced live music blockchain based marketplace and music ecosystem where musicians are matched with event organizers. The ecosystem lists profiles of over 120, 000 musicians who include garage bands and superstars. The Viberate ecosystem vision is to revolutionize the way musicians are booked and presented and also open the world of live music to all who wants to participate in music by either the booking process and decentralized discovery using the blockchain technology.

The elements of Viberate

Viberate has four elements that make the ecosystem unique and different from other entertainment platforms. The four elements include:

The biggest curated database in the world

Viberate has an extensive curate live music database the goes all back to their pilot project Topdeejays.com. The Topdeejays.com is a service that ranks DJs. The service started off with a couple of thousand DJs, but has grown into a massive database of more than 50, 000 musicians. The database was upgraded to host over 120, 000 musicians, 60, 000 events and 40.000 music venues. Soon they plan to add booking agencies and event organizers profiles.

A decentralized community-based service, fueled by Vibe token

After Vibrate opens their initial database to the public, it immediately became a community-based service. Users manually enter and curate majority of musician profiles. Previously, there is no awards system in place, users are driven by the desire to participate in the project. Recently, the platform has developed an award protocol that allows them to give back to the community.

An entire ecosystem in one place

Viberate covers all aspects of the live music industry. The database covers booking events, event organizers, events, and musician. User groups include musicians, music professionals, fans, and media.

A blockchain-based live music marketplace

With the communication and database channels in place, Viberate platform allows for the implementation of the live music marketplace. Event organizers will be able to book musicians directly through the B2B level services.

Who supports Viberate?

Viberate is supported by individual and companies alike. The ABC Acceleration Business City is the startup accelerator on the platform. Others include Collin Lahay, a blockchain expert, Jure Leskovec, chief scientist at interest and a professor at Stanford University, European Commission, a music moves Europe initiative among others.



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